Rebecca Mack - Nursing

Rebecca Mack is a senior nursing major, graduating fall of 2020. When Rebecca was a freshman, Geneva had not yet developed a full nursing program, so she decided to start out as a pre-nursing major. After Geneva established a new nursing program a year later, Rebecca quickly looked into what she could do to start the program lateShe discussed her situation to the college’s faculty, and they were able to work with what credits she had to declare her as a nursing major.

Rebecca always had a desire to care for people and always had admiration for her nurses in school and in her doctor’s offices. Nursing always paralleled with her calling as a Christian to take care of others and help those who cannot help themselves.

A native of Connecticut, Rebecca went to a college fair at her small Christian school where she saw a table about Geneva College. With her older sister already attending Geneva and twin sister wanting to attend, Rebecca decided to go to Geneva as well. Geneva always stood out to her as a quality Christian school where she would feel comfortable pursuing her degree. Later she found that she was absolutely right about the decision.

While 2020 has been a difficult time for many people, Rebecca has been able to take hold of the need for good health care workers and utilize that in her course of study. As a sophomore, Rebecca worked in the Health Services office as a receptionist. Now as a senior, she has earned the job title of Official Care Coordinator.

As the Geneva’s official care coordinator, Rebecca’s focus is on taking care of the safety of students on campus. With COVID-19 as the main health concern at present, her job involves putting students into quarantine and letting them know when they are able to come out. While students are in quarantine, she calls students to check up on how they are doing.

Rebecca says, “It is amazing that we are back on campus and that I can be a part of the mission to keep Geneva safely in the classroom. Our current circumstances with COVID-19 are very new, but I am happy to be spending my time maintaining safety in a place that I know so well. Assisting in the Health Services department at Geneva, I can understand how it is to be a student going through COVID-19, but it also allows me to be on the other side as a nurse.”

Part of her job also entails talking to the physician assistant (PA) to figure out upcoming plans concerning COVID-19 protocol. If any person reports COVID symptoms, she follows up and educates them on COVID-19 information. Rebecca loves the people she works with in Health Services and is excited to be a part of a well-staffed team that gives students a wonderful healthcare experience.

Beth Carlson, PA and Director of Health Services, states, “Becca has truly been a gift to this team. She previously served as a student worker and is known by her bubbly, kind personality, but also her great work ethic. It’s no surprise she is doing exceptionally well at this new position. Although she is often the “bearer of bad news,” being the one to send students into isolation or quarantine, it is easy to see how she cares deeply for each student. We are very grateful to have her lighten up our office with her laughter and joy in additional to her skills in nursing.”

After graduating in December, Rebecca plans on assisting in the Health Services department until May and then hopes to venture out into a fulltime nursing position. Her work with Health Services has been a great experience because it has put her into a setting that addresses a direct population at a very unique time.

During her years at Geneva and her work in Health Services, Rebecca says she has become more of a relational person and is hopeful that those interpersonal skills will serve her well after graduation. Although nursing is Rebecca’s main focus, the practical, vocational skills she has attained as a student at Geneva are transferrable into many areas of work.

Rebecca says, “Throughout my time as a Geneva student, I have been encouraged to look at my future career not only as a job but as a calling that God himself has created me to fulfill.”

-Abby Forton ‘22