Ryan Fleegle - Business Aviation Major

Ryan Fleegle

Although raised in a Christian home, Ryan Fleegle was not used to the idea of Christian education. “I went to a public high school and then spent two years at the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) studying aviation,” he says. His faith in Jesus has been strong since he was 14, but he has never experienced education that integrated faith into his academics. Ryan highly values that faith integration in his classes since transferring to Geneva.

“I love how the professors pray and read scripture before each class,” he says. “It reminds me why I am a student and what I am here for.”

God made it clear to Ryan that he was supposed to attend Geneva while he was taking classes in aviation at CCBC. “I became friends with some students in my CCBC classes who were studying business aviation at Geneva and began to hang out with them in their residence halls,” says Ryan. “I grew to love the community and people at Geneva and decided to finish my four-year degree here.” Ryan will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business aviation.

Although all of Ryan’s classes and professors at Geneva have really impressed him, one professor in particular stands out. “I have really enjoyed my Bible classes with Dr. Watt. He is very well versed in what he teaches. He shows great attention to details and has a true care for his students.”

Ryan has felt this “true care” outside the classroom as well. His time in the residence halls has been the highlight of the year for him. He says, “I have learned how to interact with people from all different backgrounds and experiences. I feel as though it has prepared me for living in different places one day.” Being prepared to live in diverse places is very important to Ryan as he plans on being an airline pilot, flying international flights to many exotic countries.

Ryan has been very involved in activities during his first year on campus. He actively participates in his residence hall Bible study and is an avid participant in intramural sports. Ryan also works for an aviation training program where he instructs new pilots and teaches courses on flying safety. Next year Ryan will take on a new role at Geneva as a resident assistant in Pearce Hall, one of the freshmen male residence halls. He says, “I am excited to be an RA because it will give me a chance to influence and also learn from guys who are in the same situation I was in my first year.” He desires to show this type of care and community to incoming freshmen because he knows firsthand how impactful it can be on a person’s life.

- Jonathan Ingraham (MAHE ’13)

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