Simone Freeman-Irwin - Sociology


Simone is a senior from Pittsburgh double majoring in Sociology and Biblical Studies. She enjoys research especially when it is focused on the brokenness and injustices of the world. After graduating from Barack Obama Academy of International Studies 6-12, Simone took advantage of the Pittsburgh Promise program to attend Geneva. Not only was she able to double the money available for college through Geneva's Pittsburgh Promise match, she was also able to major in Biblical Studies.

I chose Geneva College because I knew that a Christian education was central to my future."

"I chose Geneva College because I knew that a Christian education was central to my future," Simone says. At Geneva, she has grown intellectually and spiritually.

Since taking an H2O mission trip with Geneva Professor Doug Bradbury, she has been deeply interested in the nation of Haiti. She has made a total of four visits to the island nation to learn more about the Haitian people and their culture. She is planning to travel there again.

Simone was selected from a national pool of applicants to be a Cultural Vistas Fellow for a fully funded work experience in Germany. While there, she spent time in a refugee camp helping in a textile workshop for two months. Having learned German as a school girl, Simone was comfortable living in Germany and excited to help refugees learn to sew and to make clothes.

Opportunities at Geneva, like studying and performing missions abroad and getting a Christian liberal arts education, have helped Simone find her voice. "I've been stretched to acquire leadership skills at Geneva, and now I understand how to use my voice to speak up and the impact I can have as a servant-leader of others," she says.