Meet Graduated Geneva Students - Geneva College, a Christian College in Pennsylvania (PA)

Student Profiles

Meet Graduated Geneva Students

Jen Simmons


Chelsea Curry

Linguistics (Independent Major)

At Geneva, Chelsea learned to not just take what people say as truth but to ask questions and find out the truth for herself.

Belle Henry


“I’m really glad I was able to have the experience; I feel like I now have a much bigger heart for Puerto Rico.”

Isaac Baugh

Biblical Studies / Philosophy

I look forward to seeing where God will send me.

Andrew Domencic

Communication - Public Relations

"Trusting in the Lord’s perfect plan has been a growing and fulfilling experience for me at Geneva."

Greg Beechaum


"The only way you can grow is to put yourself in positions to see and do things that you initially wouldn’t consider. You’d be surprised at what you learn about yourself."

Jocelyn Englehart

Communication / Independent-Spanish

"I love the feeling of community on campus. The tight-knit community of students and faculty has served as a support system for me throughout my four years. "

Matt Montgomery

Music & Ministry

I've not heard of any other colleges where it is commonplace to be invited into the President's home to enjoy fellowship and food with over forty students on a Sunday night.

Alison Kolber

Communication Disorders

“I really have a heart for families of people with special needs,”

Chaese Vaudrin


“God took me through adversity in order to show me how to handle it like a man and to be a better person.”

Sara Anderson

Environmental Engineering

"I want to give back to the area in which I have grown up and which has shaped me the most. My education at Geneva has led me to believe that we can work on and help with the restoration of what is broken in this life. Hope is not lost, and we can still work towards making things whole again. Geneva has affirmed for me that I picked a helpful major that can make a difference."

Hannah Eichhorn


"I came to college undeclared. I liked a lot of things, and I was good at a lot of subjects, and could make myself enjoy most subjects, so I took mostly core courses my first year and a half,"

Abby Debenedittis


"It's different transferring from a secular university, where God wasn't talked about in any way. Here, the professors' own faith is shown through the classes."

Aaron Channing

Special Education

"It was a good fit for football, had my major and I just loved the people. Also the Christian aspect: the welcoming and kindness. It's a rare place when it comes to that."

John Neiswinger

Chemistry Grad

"very prepared for the classes I'm in now"

Clinton Nahod

History grad

"The big difference that I notice is a certain character that comes out of students at Geneva that I do not see often elsewhere."

Katie McCormick

Pre-K – 8/Special Education

We want people grow closer to each other, to God and to creation.

Zachary Sheldon

Integrated Media

He hopes to grow his technical skills while “serving a greater purpose.”

Savanna Hogan

Independent Major

"… with my experiences as a commuter student, I want to help others better transition into college life."

Zack Ritchie

Mechanical Engineering

"And that was the first time I'd heard about a Christian school that offered an engineering program."

Zach Kiger

Elementary Education Major

"However, Geneva is making me more comfortable in doing so, and providing me with the knowledge needed to survive and prosper as a Christian in the real world."

Ryan Fleegle

Business Aviation Major

"I love how the professors pray and read scripture before each class"

Nick Greenfield


"As soon as I stepped on Geneva’s campus I knew this was where I wanted to go."

Nathan Mansor

Au Sable Program

"The program really opened my eyes to how fallen the world is. You usually think how fallen humans are, but everything isn’t how it should be. We should be working towards redemption in nature as well as our lives"

Micah Yarger

Communications Grad

"I am not the same person I was the summer before my freshman year. I entered Geneva unsure of my faith and direction. Not that I have it all figured out now, but I'm not sure where I would be without the counsel from my professors and friends that I made at Geneva."

McKenna Pontoli

Communication Disorders

"People actually care about me and how I am doing, and that's comforting."

Lydia Powers

Elementary Education

"While at Geneva, I've been challenged and stretched in my faith like never before, and I couldn't be more thankful."

Logan Scavo

Computer Science Grad

"I grew more in my faith than in any other class"

Leah Kiehl


"The environment at Geneva is like none other. A genuine, supportive network of people are at the college and I am positive that Geneva was where God wanted to grow and mold me during my college years."

Laura Bly


"Being at a Christian school was where I needed to be"

Kylie Gardner

Political Science

"My professors are passionate about what they teach, and how they teach instills that passion even more in me."

Katie Amig

Psychology Major

Kathryn Edmonds

Human Services Grad

"My time at Geneva has been irreplaceable – they'll probably have to drag me off campus when I graduate."

Katelyn Wagner

Communication Disorders Grad

"In my time at Geneva, the phrase ‘calling’ has taken on a much deeper meaning than just a buzzword that I heard way too often and understood a lot less"

Josiah Reiner

Army National Guard

"Being a part of Geneva College has changed the way I see many things, it has helped me build a firmer foundation in the Lord and allowed me to exercise and hone my discipline and drive to do all for the glory of God."

Jordan Harbison

Transfer Student

Jessica Mine

Physics Major

"Geneva is such a friendly campus; you can find answers from anyone."

Ishea Jennings

Human Services Major

"I fell in love with the community of Geneva. I made it my home away from home."

Ibukun Akinboyo

Biology Grad

"In retrospect, I don't think I could have done this anywhere else."

Ian Barnes

History Education Major

Ethan Joseph

Biology Major

Ed Lum

Physics & Applied Math

"It is through Geneva the Lord did his work on my life. No other institution would have been able to do that."

David Doyle

Biblical Languages Major

Corey Fraction

Human Services Grad

"Geneva has set opportunities around me to actually use my hands to experience what I want to do in life."

Collin Savidge

Student Ministry Grad

"Geneva has given me a clear understanding as to my calling as a student and has also challenged me to become a better image of Christ."

Caleb Leibee

Biology Major

Briana Gamret

Biology Grad

"If I could tell anybody one thing it would be this: if you don’t know what your purpose is, hold out faith. You will learn what it is. God has a plan for you. As long as you do your part and give him the leeway, he will lead you to the right place. Just be faithful to him and he will be faithful to you."

Anne McEllhenny

Math Education Major

Amanda Weathers

Music Grad

“I would definitely recommend Geneva to anyone, mostly because of the people. There are so many godly Christians on campus, and they're so great; they make you a better person”

Amanda Griffith

Business Grad