Meet Undergraduate Students - Geneva College, a Christian College in Pennsylvania (PA)

Student Profiles

Meet Undergraduate Students

Camille Pelka


"Geneva has really prepared me to be able to build both personal and business connections and has also taught me how to effectively communicate with people in various lines of work."

Brandon Simmers

Environmental Engineering

“If Geneva was handed a rock [when I arrived on campus], there was someone there with a chisel that just kept chipping away [to develop my faith].”

Abigail Harper

Pre-K - 4

"Geneva College was not just a place for me to learn, but a place that I could call home and where I could experience true community,”

Andrew Christian

Mechanical Engineering

“Always be prepared. If you have a goal that you want to accomplish then come in on it at different angles until something starts working.”

Cara Armentrout

Communication Disorders / Independent

“With the Christian education that I am receiving at Geneva, I look forward to starting my life off on the right foot with a stronger comprehension of my discipline and a deeper understanding of my faith in Jesus Christ.”

Rebecca Mack


Throughout my time as a Geneva student, I have been encouraged to look at my future career not only as a job but as a calling that God himself has created me to fulfill.

Emily Keely

Communication Disorders (Speech Pathology)

“My experience has been wonderful. I love the Christ-centered education. I enjoy time with my new friends – and love my professors, who really care for my academic and spiritual growth.”

Jocelyn '21

Chemistry / Chemical Engineering

“I think the faculty here care about you personally. They’ll say, ‘Jocelyn, this exam wasn’t your best,’ and ask if something is going on.”

Yoseph Trimble

Student Ministry

"The professors and students at Geneva were so intentional, fun and genuine. I could really see the way they lived out their faith and that helped me make the decision to come to Geneva."

Josiah Helmer

Chemical Engineer

"I eventually decided I wanted to go to a school with a good program and a connected community."

Darby Fields


“My faith is growing here at Geneva partly because I have had the opportunity to speak with my RA and RD about real faith issues, and this has helped me grow personally and communally.”

Kyle O'Keefe


“It's important for us as college students, as Christians in the 21st century, to be able to engage in diverse topics and to back up what you're saying with biblical, logical, reasoning. The humanities and Bible classes prepare you for that.”

William Perry

Political Science

“One of the main concerns of many people I have spoken with when discussing lawyers is honesty. The morals and values taught at Geneva will eliminate that concern for my future clients.”

Kierstianna Ballard

International Business and Spanish

“Geneva has helped me to find a path where I can honor God and do something I love. I have grown in many different ways since being here and cannot wait to see where God leads me in the future.”

Emily Ethridge

Political Science and Social Studies Education

"As a political science major, I was interested in this program because think tanks are not only interested in ideas but combine ideas with practicality."

Owen Yoder


“My friend group is very helpful; we pray and talk about our problems. They are very encouraging.”

Joy Li

Computer Engineering

“When I came here, I was really glad to make friends that have the same faith. We can encourage each other and grow faith better because faith grows better when you are in a group, in a community.”

Emily Learn

Communication - Public Relations

“The professors are really connected and invested in the students’ lives, not just in the classroom, but also in their walk with Christ. They see students as a whole person not just another face in their class.”

Jessica Wilson

Communication - Public Relations and Integrated Media

From my first week of school, my coaches and teammates have been like a family to me and helped me grow in faith, determination and strength.

Noelle Scolieri

Communication Disorders

“If there is a specific thing in our field that you want to know about, find out as much as you can. Talk to your professors, research, learn about it . . .you never know who it’s going to help.”

Demetrias Sye


“The main thing I want to do with my life is help people who need God’s love.”

Harrison Kozlow


“It was like a dream, like where you wonder, 'Is this really happening?'”

Emily Hoffman

Communication - Writing and Integrated Media

"Geneva has not only prepared me academically, but cultivated my whole person, mind, body and spirit."

Brett Searcy

Electrical Engineering

"I would like to help prospective engineering students prepare for this step into college."

Noah Kairis

Business Administration

"After graduation, I intend to continue working in the healthcare field with plans to foster innovation from within to provide patients with the best care possible."

Alex Johnson

Communication Disorders

"Experiential learning at Geneva gave me the opportunity to have clients on my caseload and get real life experience within my field of study before graduate school."

Katherine Yoder

English Education

"Geneva stood out among my choices because everyone I spoke to on campus mentioned the Christian atmosphere."

Josh Duffie

Elementary Ed / Special Ed

"The community at Geneva really impressed me. It is a comfortable place to be because I don’t have to try to be someone I’m not."

Trewon Marshall

Computer Science

"Everywhere I looked, people wanted to help me. That's not something I had for most of my life, and it was a little overwhelming at first."

Grace Skarzynski


"Attending Geneva College has deepened my faith and helped me to understand the importance of integrating my faith into all areas of life."

Sarah Raspberry


"My professors are definitely my favorite part of my program (just the SOC ones, they’re the best!)."

Britteny Douglas


"My favorite part about the Education department is the intentionality that runs through everything. The professors care so deeply about each of the students, and their classes and field experience opportunities are so genuinely beneficial for the future of all students in this department."

Gabriel Razete

Bible and Ministry

"I chose Geneva to further my understanding of the gospel and to take advantage of the small class sizes to get great learning experiences with the professors."

Megan Cramer

Independent Major - Comparative Politics and Culture

"I really think this is a special place, and I'm amazed all the time at the things I am learning, inside and outside my classes.”

Jericho Hilling

Environmental Engineering

“I’ve met some great people at Geneva that I never would have met elsewhere.”

Nathanael Musselman

Independent - Graphic Design

"Geneva stuck out to me as the type of school I desired to attend, I felt God’s call to come here.”

Olivia Forton


“The Lord has used Geneva in my life through the professors, students and staff, who all radiate Christ and build the loving community I have come to cherish.”

Patrick Cooper


"My experience as a Communication student has been nothing but positive. The professors are knowledgeable, engaging, and genuinely enjoyable to be around."

Christina Phlegar

Political Science

"The foundation that my professors have built for me has proven to be challenging but is a necessary tool in order to thrive in the real world and continuously work to further the Kingdom."

Kyra Neil


She recently conducted interviews with people from Beaver Falls who had been evicted from their housing as part of a research project to see how local experiences paralleled national data.

Nathan Sneller


“I chose Geneva because of the wonderful emphasis on integrating Christianity with education. Also, the faculty and staff are so genuine."

Simone Freeman-Irwin


"I chose Geneva College because I knew that a Christian education was central to my future."

Kara Kauffman


"Geneva’s partnership with the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Scotland has helped challenge and deepen my faith by allowing me to experience a new culture full of rich history."

Gary Halt


He has always been interested in law enforcement and intends to pursue a career in criminal justice following graduation and is therefore adding a second major in Criminal Justice.

Emily Farmer


She is a Global Engagement Leader and works with the Center for Student Engagement where she helps students to experience social connectedness via diverse opportunities.

Jarrett Soon


"History isn’t cut and dry; it’s the perspective of many people.”

Katelyn Stransky


"History isn't just about the facts and dates. It's about the people and the relationships they have which connect us all.”

Lauren Della Piazza


"Historical study for a Christian is about the paradox of loving one's neighbor through objectivity. The Geneva College History department has been instrumental in helping me learn to faithfully seek God's truth wherever it may be found.”

Brooke Zellner

Political Science

"Geneva College is providing a great education made even better because of the deep connection with professors and peers.”

Matthew Lines

Political Science

"Geneva’s Political Science program utilizes online tools like the Statecraft simulation game to reinforce stimulating classroom lectures and discussion."

Josiah Forton

Music Business

“I love music because it is a beautiful medium through which to communicate the thoughts of the heart."

Andrew Butterworth

Business Administration

“College really is more than just the classes you take. It is about the relationships that are made through being involved outside of the classroom. I am so glad that Geneva encourages its students to be involved in the community because that’s also what makes Geneva so great.”

Wesley Thompson

Business Administration

“I find the combination of international business and law to have a fascinating correlation with my faith. My professors do a great job in helping me see the connections in how my faith can be lived out through whatever I decide to do after I graduate from Geneva.”

Yi Xuan Ng


“I was looking for a college that focused on liberal arts, Christian and, if possible, reformed. Geneva fits all of those requirements.”

Daniela Garcia


“Working while in college is so important; it is very self-rewarding to be able to help pay for your tuition.”

Celia Harris


"I have spent nearly three amazing and impactful years at Geneva, and I have been able to experience opportunities that I would not have been able to if I had not made the decision to transfer to Geneva."

Ben Mills

Chemical Engineering

"I love being trained how to problem solve and prepare for possible mishaps. My professors give me a lot of hands-on experience when it comes to learning, and I am able to grasp how everything was created in a methodical way."

Katie Snyder

Independent Major

Geneva has had a large role in preparing Katie for future ministry. She studied abroad in Seville, Spain, because she loved the idea of “moving fully from proficient to fluent.” Katie loves the Bible Department and has great relationships with all of the student ministry professors.

Kim Weaver

Math Education

"A small campus is really nice because you get to know everyone."

Vince Smith

Electrical Engineering

“Vince Charming is an act and it’s a stage name, but it’s very much based off Vince Smith because the personality is there and it plays very well. It’s me off stage and on stage.”

Rose Lundy

Music Education

"Basically everything I’m involved in is music."

TJ Acosta

Interdisciplinary Engineering

“I applied and God put everything into place for me to attend.”