Yoseph Trimble - Student Ministry

Yoseph TrimbleThe 2019 Sophomore Homecoming court representative, Yoseph Trimble, is a Student Ministry major from Pittsburgh, PA. He comes from a family of 11, so his home was always busy. He loves having such a large family. Yoseph’s mom and two of his older siblings attended Geneva College, but Yoseph also has sibling who attended other Christian colleges. Despite having family ties to several Christian higher education institutions, he chose to come to Geneva because he was struck by how evident God’s work was on campus during his visits. He explains, “Every time I visited Geneva it was very obvious that God was working in this place.”

Yoseph felt the call to student ministry after his freshmen year of high school. He began working with kids over the summer at a camp and quickly realized God was calling him to minister to youth. He says, “God had to do a lot of work in me, but I know this is where he is calling me.” This influenced his decision to go to Geneva, partly because of his experience with faculty and students. “I knew I wanted to study ministry, and the professors and students at Geneva were so intentional, fun and genuine. I could really see the way they lived out their faith and that helped me make the decision to come to Geneva.” Geneva also helped him achieve an affordable education through their financial aid plan and scholarships.

Yoseph has come to value the engaging community at Geneva College. During his first year at Geneva, the faculty and staff made a purposeful effort to help him adjust to the academic side of college. The whole college community, academically and socially, has enriched his life through friendships, mentorship and support. Yoseph says, “I was able to come into college and quickly had a great group of Christian friends.” This Christian community is also present in the classes students take.

As a student ministry major Yoseph’s classes are continually situated from a biblical point of view, but the professors are deliberate in encouraging students to grapple with tough topics that arise. He also says that the core classes, like Humanities, look at topics from a Bible-centered perspective, which has helped to challenge and inform Christian thinking on secular topics. Yoseph illustrates, “Geneva does a great job of focusing all their classes, and the whole campus, from a biblical, God-honoring perspective.”

After he graduates, Yoseph hopes to work as a youth pastor. This is his dream job, and it is already starting to come true. Starting in 2020, he will work at a local church as an intern youth pastor. Yoseph says, “I am so excited to get to work with youth and really make a difference in their lives.”

-Jessica Wilson ‘20