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How to Update the Windows Operating System

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Your computer must be updated with all Critical Updates and Service Packs to be allowed to connect to the Geneva network. Your PC will be inspected by a member of Technology Services to determine if your computer is properly updated. The steps below are the procedure for updating your Windows operating procedure.

1.) Connect to Internet.

2.) Open up Internet Explorer.

3.) Select Tools on the Taskbar.


4.) Select Windows Update under Tools.


5.) After connecting to the Microsoft update site, select Scan for Update.


6.) At this point there are a few options. You need to install all Critical Updates and Service Packs.

7.) You can either click on Critical Updates and Service Packs or Review and Install Updates.

8.) Click on Install Now to install the updates.

9.) Follow the instructions for the installation. You will be ask to reboot when the installation is complete.

10.) Repeat Step 6 as needed until all Critical Updates and Service Packs until all are installed.