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Below are places I like to shop for scores, CDs, and books on music; you may be able to find some Clara materials there. If not, they can order them for you. Please feel free to send me information on your favorite places (especially Web sites) to order Clara materials, and I’ll post it here. If you don’t want to buy a music score of Clara’s complete lieder, go here to find the nearby libraries that have copies you can borrow!

Places to Order Out of Print Materials

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Q. What do you mean, “There have been approximately 99,999 visitors to the Clara '96 website”?
A. Go to Latest update.  The UNIX Server that stores the files for this site does not store “cgi” scripts, which are necessary to run a “Perl” program, which enables your regular counter. Instead, I periodically run an “egrep” command that stores that month’s hits. I add that figure to my previous total, and that becomes the new total. (Unfortunately, any traffic from December 23-31 was not recorded.) Another drawback to this system is that the “egrep” command counts all loads of all the different pages, so if you visit all 50 files, you will make the hit count go up by 50. That’s why I’m counting hits, not visitors. And I promise not to visit my own site, except to do occasional testing. I hope that satisfies all you cyber-bean-counters out there. UPDATE: Since September, 1996, the server for the Clara'96 website no longer offered “egrep” reports, so even this low-tech counter has been discontinued. I keep the old number posted to demonstrate the high initial interest. Because the amount of correspondence I receive continues unabated, I presume the level of hits remains at the previous level, which could be estimated at 20,000 annual hits. As soon as a decent counter becomes available to the Clara'96 site, it will be installed. FURTHER UPDATE: Since October 23, 1999, an excellent counter from was installed, and to my great surprise, about 100 visitors per day were accessing the index page alone of the Clara Schumann website.  I have thus estimated conservatively the number since the counter expired in 1996 to have been about 80,000 visitors.  From October 23, the count is exact.

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