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Clara Schumann '96: An Executive Summary

The Clara Schumann Society is a non-profit organization which sponsors the Website, and through the Campaign of Clara '96, promotes the research and performance of the music of Clara Schumann, started just prior to the centenary year 1996. Membership in the Society is granted to persons who perform or research the music of Clara Schumann, or who contribute time, money, or expertise to the building of the Website or the organization of concerts or other Clara events. The benefits of membership include the listing of members' names and links to their home pages, as well as postings of their concert programs or research citations.

The Clara Schumann Website exists to stimulate the performance and research of Clara Schumann's music, and to serve as a focal point of these activities. Comprised of 932 KB of text in 74 files, with 32 images, the linked pages provide many resources that will help interested persons to begin their performance plans and research. These resources include a short biography and quick facts, program notes, translations, introductions to specific works, essays, startup bibliographies, discographies, a chronology and calendar of important events in Clara's life, pictures of Clara and sound bytes of her music, a listing of upcoming Clara events this year, and responses to the Clara '96 Campaign.

The Clara Schumann Website also is a resource for musicians who seek on-line information about other music subjects. It includes links to other composer home pages, and information on neglected composers. For those interested in gender and music, there are lists of women composers, both alphabetical and chronological, a bibliography of women musicians and composers, and links to other related resources and organizations.

The Clara Schumann Home Page can be found at the following Web URL address:

For more information, to submit programs or research citations, or to give some comments or suggestions, please contact the Society by contacting the Webmaster or by regular mail to:

     Clara Schumann Society
     c/o Dr. David Kenneth Smith
     Department of Music
     Geneva College
     3200 College Ave.
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To contact the webmaster David Kenneth Smith, go to
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