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Reviews of the Clara '96 Campaign

You have a fabulous Web Site and an amazing compilation of Clara Schumann recordings!
             --Laurie Pach, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; Webmaster for the The Duo Pach
I've finally found a comprehensive page on Clara Schumann!!! Excellent. I'll have to have a closer look...
--Anne Rasenberger, Cambrai, Australia
Thanks for the great home page on Clara!! I am researching some info about her for a violin/piano program
 I am working on, and your page had a wealth of information!! I am also studying a woman German composer (even less known than Clara) named Corona Schroeter. Maybe someday I'll make her a page like yours. Kudos!
--Beth Clements, oboist & pianist, Masters student at California State University Fullerton
I love this page, it has really helped me get to know a lot more about Clara and her music.
 I love performing it and am trying to get more people at my school to perform her music. Thanks alot!
--Kathy Aregood
I am a university student doing research on Clara Wieck Schumann.
 I too intend to design a website devoted to her intelligence and talent, and I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful and informative dedication to such a neglected genius.
--Stephanie M. Blei
I think your site is extremely informative and enlightening, and the work you've done to keep the spirit of
Clara Schumann's music alive is much appreciated. Thanks for your dedication and hard work. I recommend your site to websurfers and music lovers everywhere.
--Clara Winslow, Indianapolis
Greetings! Just a word to congratulate you on the wonderful information about Clara Schumann.
My elementary music students are creating their own play about various composers...they were somewhat distressed at not finding much about Clara Schumann...just a few facts here and there. Our school is not yet connected to the Internet, so I decided to delve around and see what was out there. You have made the day for 250 third and fourth grade students. Today we discussed some new "Clara" facts (from your materials) and they were thrilled to add this new information to her part in our composer skit. Everyone, including the boys, wants to portray Clara! The skit is going to be great fun and they are fired up to do it! Again, my thanks and congratulations for your fine material.
--Mary Johnson, K-4 General Music Teacher, Fairview Elementary School, Carroll, IA
I've just had my first experience with the Web, and I'm very excited!
 Our library at Reed has a link to your Clara Schumann page, and that's the first one I've ever used--wonderful! (I wish your translations had been available to me last year when I taught a Lied class here.)
--Virginia Hancock, Music Professor, Reed College, Portland, Oregon
We recently stumbled across your "Clara Schumann Society" website
while performing some online research on Clara Schumann. Kerwin Productions is a feature film production company whose producers are currently in development on our next major theatrical motion picture, "Four Short Pieces," based on the life of Clara. We feel that Clara is a sadly underappreciated composer whose life and music need to be communicated to the world.
--James Kerwin, Kerwin Productions
The Clara'96 web page is marvelous!
--Kathleen Mills, Pianist, Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland
Congratulations on the Clara Schumann site and the Clara'96 Campaign.
 What a wealth of information and a great tribute to a gifted performer and composer.
--Sharon Guertin Shafer, Professor of Music, Trinity College, Washington, D.C.
During routine Alta Vista search, I encountered your Clara '96 site. !W!O!W!
 I'm awestruck! Congrats on a spectacular site!
--John Pearson, Minnesota Public Radio
Just found your handsome Clara Schumann site on the net last night. Clara's piano music is wonderful!
--Mary Jane Cope, Professor of Piano, University of California Santa Cruz.
I'm a swiss violoncellist living in Zurich and working with classical music
 as well as with jazz. I really enjoyed your site about Clara Schumann and I added a link from my own homepage to it!
--Daniel Pezzotti
In San Antonio, I am co-chairing a yearlong Clarafest in centennial tribute to Clara Schumann.
 I am THRILLED that others are given special observance to Clara Schumann and her remarkable, inspiring marriage. She and Robert cannot be publicized enough! How fabulous to find your web page!
--Chaddie Kruger, Classics Professor, University of Texas - San Antonio
Finding this site was a wonderful surprise! I had no idea so many were this interested in her life.
I'm glad she is finally getting the recognition as a composer that she deserves!
--Glynis Ratcliffe, University of Toronto
Good for you! It's about time us Schumanns got some recognition! :-) I enjoyed the pages and appreciate your
--Mark W. Schumann
Thank you, Thank you! You are doing a wonderful thing that I hope will catch on and make the Web a source for
info on many other women.
--Bertha Fox, Music Department, Clarke College, Dubuque, IA
What a wonderful idea!
--Sylvia Glickman, Hildegard Publishing Company, Editor of Int'l Alliance for Women in Music Journal
It's wonderful! Whata lota work!
--Steve White, WTIU Radio/TV Center, Indiana University
Congratulations on your wonderful Clara '96 web site. Interesting project. Thank you for the helpful
information included there...Again, bravo! And thanks from all of us for creating a valuable resource.
--Sally Reid, Abilene Christian University, International Alliance for Women in Music
I am pleased and excited to see your efforts Clara '96. I am looking forward to contributing in one way or
another, possibly a husband/wife lieder recital.
--David Simmons, Tenor, Indiana University
I found your Clara Schumann goodies on the Web, and am interested in membership in the Society.
In fact, I think I already qualify.
--Julian ("Jay") Hook, Pianist, Indiana University
As an avid Clara fan and researcher, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your efforts.
As for the Clara Schumann Society, you can expect to hear from me again...I am looking forward to seeing the Web site and the Society grow.
--Melinda Boyd, Historical Musicologist, University of British Columbia
Many thanks!
--Manny Brand, Chairman, Music Department, Southwest Texas State University
Bravo! for your efforts. We need more such ways to get caught up on centuries of missed opportunities to
teach about women composers and their great music. Thank you and good luck with this project -
let me know how to help.
--Jerry L. Jaccard, Elementary Music Education Program, Dept. of Music, Brigham Young University
I am a fourteen year old student who was having great difficulty writing a report on Clara until I found your
home page. Thank you for all the information!!! My teacher said that I would have no trouble finding
information, and since I've had so much difficulty, I want to inundate her with data. Thanks again.
[Later she wrote:] Hi. I'd really like to thank you again for the Clara Homepage. Because of all the information I found there I got an "A" on my report!! I'm pretty glad I did do the report, because if I
hadn't I never would have found all the really cool info.
--Kelly Moyer
I have just looked at the most interesting Clara Schumann home page - congratulations to that!
--Enar Skog, Sweden
Your site is a wonderful place for Clara to have repose in the 20th Century. Many Thanks.
--Lee Brooks, Hummingbird Artist Management
I have been a fan of Clara's for years. In fact, I have just named my new Bechstein B "Clara." Thanks for doing
great work for Clara'96.
--Deanne Bogdan, Professor, Dept. of History & Philosophy of Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto
I have been enjoying and using your CS pages since they were first announced. The information that you provide
on the pages has been extremely useful. I'll certainly let you know if I come across any UK CS performances. Thank you for all your hard work!!
--Sophie Fuller, Information Officer for the British organisation Women in Music

Reviews of Clara Schumann's Music

I fell in love with Clara when I came across the Violin Romances which Harry Clark, my husband, plays on the
cello. We were looking for music for cello and piano by women, and simply could not resist adopting the Romances in our repertoire. They work magnificently on the cello, better than violin IMHO!
-- Sanda Schuldmann, Managing Director for Chamber Music PLUS, Hartford CT
I agree that Clara's music longs to be performed, discussed, and celebrated!
--Melinda Boyd, Historical Musicologist, University of British Columbia
Under construction - more to come !!

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