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Visitors to this website are invited to join in an ongoing discussion of the life and works of Ivor Gurney, being conducted via E-mail.  This group was begun as “DottedCrochet” in October 1999, and continued in October 21, 2000 as the “Gurney Discussion Group.”  The Group is a gathering of Gurney fans, scholars, authors, musicians, and experts on his history, poetry, and music. We welcome all new contributors and any topics they would like to bring up.  So far we’ve only scratched the surface of a very dynamic and interesting life, and would also like to see some new threads started on aspects of Gurney’s work.

This Gurney discussion group is not moderated, for a very good reason — it exists to encourage any and all original thoughts, theories, work and scholarship having to do with a very interesting subject.  To those who have just discovered Ivor Gurney, we hope to give our help and support, and for those who know and care about him and his work, we hope to provide a gathering place of kindred spirits.

To find out more, please visit http://www.egroups.com/group/GurneyDiscussionGroup to subscribe: we’ll be glad to make room for you at our virtual hearth.  If you have any questions about the Gurney Discussion Group, please send an E-mail to ParakeetLover@hotmail.com.

New members will be glad to take advantage of the Archives of previous discussions; simply go to http://www.egroups.com/group/GurneyDiscussionGroup, and Sign In (upper right hand corner, on yellow band).  You may use the email address and password that you used for the “DottedCrochet” or “ONElist” discussion groups.  If you have any questions, please contact ParakeetLover@hotmail.com.

Jill Robinson

‘...perfection is not a thing I value, but only truth and beauty.’ —
Ivor Gurney


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If you have a change of email address, and want to continue to receive Gurney Discussion Group messages, you'll need to change your email address on that site.  Simply go to Gurney Discussion Group site, sign on with your old email address (yourname@domain.com) and password, then go to "My Profile" (on the yellow bar), click on "Change Email Address," and then substitute your new "newname@newdomain.com" address.

You may also consider adding more details about yourself, by clicking on "Edit Profile."  These details include your name, birthyear, city, country, occupation, etc.  These may be of interest to other members of the discussion group, and may spark new lines of discussion or new opportunities for collaboration. (One caution should be observed; consider excluding information about your specific street address and phone number; these can be communicated via private email.)

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