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As of August 11, 2008
NEW GURNEY BIOGRAPHY published November 2008
Ivor Gurney and Marion Scott: Song of Pain and Beauty

Pamela Blevins’ book first Gurney Biography in 30 Years!

As of July 20, 2007
GURNEY CONFERENCE, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University
Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September 2007

As of August 17, 2006
In Memoriam, Michael Hurd (19 December 1928 — 8 August 2006)

As of August 11, 2005
Perspectives by Rolf Jordan, Janet Anderson, Philip W. Guest
- Review of Anthony Boden’s Stars in a Dark Night
 - Review of Anthem for Doomed Youth
 - Review of The Five Western Watercolours: A Performer’s Perspective
 - Perspective on Ivor Gurney and the Battlefields

As of May 9, 2005
Gurney Greeting Cards close to SOLD OUT!  Catch yours before they're gone!
    - Overview      - Photos with Poems

As of September 28, 2004
Shropshire composer sets Gurney Songs

As of March 24, 2003
Ivor Gurney Society Spring Weekend
 - Annual General Meeting, Poetry Readings, High Tea
 - Recital by tenor Paul Martyn West and pianist Nigel Foster

As of May 19, 2002
Lost and Found: Rediscovered MS
 - Gurney’s Missing Piano Manuscripts Returned to City (By Phil Norris)
 - Gurney’s ‘Lost’ War Elegy is Found (By Pamela Blevins)

As of May 8, 2002
Gurney Plaque Unveiled at Strawberry Patch in High Wycombe
 - Chapman Family Home and Gurney Residence Honoured with Commemoration last year
       (By Roderic Dunnett, Anne and Tony Boden)
Programs of Gurney Events posted on Website

As of January 20, 2002
"Plagiarism & Poison Pen" - Reviews of John Lukas's new book
       (By R.K.R. Thornton, Wendy French, Desmond Graham)
New Perspective on Gurney - Ivor Gurney and the Question of Syphilis(By Pamela Blevins)

As of July 1, 2001
Back-Issues of Ivor Gurney Society Journals available for purchase,
    with a free copy of 'Towards a Bibliography'
David Goodland's audiotape of 70 Gurney poems also available

As of May 2, 2001
Details on upcoming Society Annual General Meeting, May 5
Announcing Partridge Recital, May 5, at St. Mary de Lode church

As of March 19, 2001
New Gurney Greeting Cards, featuring Gloucestershire Landmarks & Gurney Poems
New Gurney Songs: Seven Sappho Songs, for Soprano and Piano
Dedication of the Gurney Window at St. Mary de Lode church

As of November 11, 2000
Flash: Ivor.Gurney.net involved in Crossword Puzzle Intrigue
Responses to Perspectives - Ivor Gurney’s Mental Illness

As of October 14, 2000
New Perspective on Gurney - Ivor Gurney’s Mental Illness(By Pamela Blevins)

As of September 19, 2000
Announcing the October 13 Stroud Festival performance of “Nightwalker, A Portrait of Ivor Gurney” with pianist Jennifer Partridge and David Goodland

As of July 29, 2000
Appeal for Donations for Gurney Window & Gravestone
New Perspective on Gurney - Ivor Gurney, Wilfred Owen and T. Ratcliffe Barnett in Scotland (By Pamela Blevins)

As of May 23, 2000
Short Biography of Ivor Gurney
Additional footnotes on Annie Nelson Drummond
(Both written by Pamela Blevins)

As of May 8, 2000
Update of Biographies of Gurney’s Contemporaries - Annie Nelson Drummond & Joy Finzi
(Both written by Pamela Blevins)

As of May 2, 2000
Update of Biographies of Gurney’s Contemporaries - Arthur Benjamin & Marion Scott
(Both written by Pamela Blevins)

As of January 5, 2000
Smith's Interpretive Analysis: The Latest Gurney Dissertation Now Available !
(See the Abstract, Table of Contents, Errata, Information on Ordering)

As of December 5
Chronology of Gurney's Life and Work (Thanks to George Walter)
Invitation to Join Email Discussion Group and Discuss Gurney Online !
Fun Facts & Figures about the Gurney Website
Coming SOON: Short Gurney Biography

As of December 3
More Short Biographies on the Who's Who Page

As of November 24
More Poems and Quotes in the Gurney Photo Album (Thanks to Pamela Blevins)
The Ivor Gurney Website is submitted to thirteen Search Engines

As of November 9
Thematic Catalogue of Gurney's Songs with Short Score Excerpts

As of November 5
Published Music Works List--By Book
FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

As of November 2
Updated Gurney Photo Album--30 Images, with Poems and Quotes

As of October 30
Films on Gurney's Life
Gurney Photo Album
Biographies of Gurney's Contemporaries (Under construction)

As of October 26
What's New on the Gurney Website? (You're there now...)
Gurney's Poetry on Recording

As of October 24
Perspectives on Gurney: Opinion, Commentary, Dialogue
Pamela Blevins: Why the title “The book of Five makings”does not add up

As of October 23
The Webpage Counter from TheCounter.com, showing several visitors each day

As of October 12
Lyrics of Gurney's Songs: A Selection of Favorites
Our first Webpage Counter!

As of October 11
New Gurney Poetry in the Margins

As of October 2
Gurney's War Poetry page (first stage) posted
New Graphics and Navigating Tools

September 29
Recordings of Gurney's Music

September 23, 1999
Ivor Gurney: Poet-Composer Website Established

If you would like to contribute to the building of this site, please go to
A Call for Help.”

 To contact the Ivor Gurney webmaster,
write to David Kenneth Smith.
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