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From the trenches of war, 
on a page of a letter which is 
spattered and stained, 
with the note, "Bully beef at fault," 
one finds the following poem:

[From Ivor Gurney: Collected Letters
Edited by R. K. R. Thornton. 
Northumberland: Mid Northumberland Arts Group; 
Manchester: Carcanet, 1991, pp.204-205, 
a letter postmarked Feb 9, 1917.]


I cannot live with Beauty out of mind.
I search for her and desire her all the day;
Beauty, the choicest treasure you may find,
Most joyous and sweetest word his lips can say.
The crowded heart in me is quick with visions
And sweetest music born of a brighter day.

But though the trees have long since lost their green
And I, the exile, can but dream of things
Grown magic in the mind; I watch the sheen
Of frost, and hear the song Orion sings.
Yet O, the star-born passion of Beethoven,
Man's consolation sung on the quivering strings.

Beauty immortal, not to be hid, desire
Of all men, each in his fashion, give me the strong
Thirst past satisfaction for thee, and fire
Not to be quenched . . . . O lift me, bear me along,
Touch me, make me worthy that men may seek me
For Beauty, Mistress Immortal, Healer of Wrong.


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