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80 Poems or So. Ed. by George Walter and R. K. R. [Robert Kelsey Rought] Thornton. Ashington: Mid Northumberland Arts Group; Manchester: Carcanet, 1997. [160 pp.] Best-E-Deal - Borders - ChaptersGlobe


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Best Poems and The Book of Five Makings. Ed. by R. K. R. [Robert Kelsey Rought] Thornton and George Walter. Northumberland: Mid Northumberland Arts Group; Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1995. [173 pp.] Amazon*R - Best-E-Deal - Borders*R


Collected Poems of Ivor Gurney. Edited with introduction by P. J. Kavanagh. Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 1982. [284 pp.] Amazon*OP - Best-E-Deal - Borders - ChaptersGlobe
Ivor Gurney. Selected and edited by George Walter. Everyman’s Poetry; Vol. 13. London: J. M. Dent, 1996. [“VERY INexpensive—great for starting your collection.” —dks. 108 pp.] Amazon*R - Best-E-Deal - Borders


Poems of Ivor Gurney, 1890-1937. Bibliographical note by Leonard Clark. London: Chatto and
Windus, 1973. [136 pp.] Amazon*OP

Poems, Principally Selected from Unpublished Manuscripts. With a memoir by Edmund Blunden. London: Hutchinson, [1954]. [104 pp.]
Rewards of Wonder: Poems of Cotswold, France, London. Ed. George Walter. Ashington, UK: Mid Northumberland Arts Group; Manchester: Carcanet, 1998.
Selected Poems of Ivor Gurney. Selected and introduced by P.J. Kavanagh. Oxford Poets. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1990 [141 pp.], 1999. [180 pp.]  Amazon - Barnes&Noble*R - BordersOxford*R - ChaptersGlobe - NetstoreUSA

Severn and Somme. London: Sidgwick and Jackson, Ltd., 1917.

Severn and Somme and War’s Embers. Ed. R. K. R. [Robert Kelsey Rought] Thornton.  Ashington, UK: Mid Northumberland Arts Group; Manchester: Carcanet, 1987, [156 pp.], 1997 [152 pp.]. Amazon*R - Best-E-Deal - Borders - ChaptersGlobe

War’s Embers and Other Verses: by Ivor Gurney. London: Sidgwick and Jackson, Ltd., 1919.

Anthologies containing Gurney's Poetry
King, Angela, and Susan Clifford, eds. Field Days: An Anthology of Poetry about Fields. Foreword by Adam Nicolson. Published in association with Common Ground. Green Books, 1998. [Contains four Gurney poems, Brown Earth Look, Friendly are meadows, In December, Up There.  “A lovely anthology.”  In his introduction, Adam
Nicholson singles Gurney out:  “The searing Gloucester-surrealist language of a Gurney poem, surely the hero of this anthology, is the equivalent of those places in a field where a hatch of common blues is fluttering over the vetches, or a bunch of rushes at night takes on the outlines of a deer, head bowed to graze.” 144 pp.] GreenBooks*R
Rigg, Diana, ed. So to the Land, An Anthology of Country Poetry. Selected and introduced
by Diana Rigg [the actress]. London: Headline Book Publishing, 1994. [Contains three Gurney poems, Early Spring Dawn, Water Colours, Old Martinmas Eve. £5.95]
Taplin, Kim. Tongues in Trees: Studies in Literature and Ecology. Green Books, n.d. [Contains three Gurney poems, What was dear, O Tree of pride, and Larches. A critical study of the responses of a number of writers to the subject of trees and woods; each chapter is linked to a series of poems or extracts by the relevant writer. 224 pp.] GreenBooks*R


Gurney's Poetry on Recording
David Goodland reads the Poetry of Ivor Gurney. Bright Tracks Production, BT2.  Cassette only.  [Seventy poems presented in six parts:  Severn Meadows, London Dawns, A Bloody Mess, Strange Hells, Roped for the Fair, and Bright Tracks.  Also features David Beames as narrator with excepts from the Alan Gravill recording of Gurney's piano music.]  Available in the U.S. from Pamela Blevins.


Severn and Somme: Songs and Poems by Ivor Gurney. Performed by David Johnston, tenor, Daphne Ibbott, piano, Christopher Keyte, baritone, Geoffrey Pratley, piano, and Leonard Clark, reader. Program notes by Leonard Clark. London: Pearl SHE 543, 1977. Sound recording. [Contents: You are my Sky, Black Stitchel, Epitaph in Old Mode, Hawk and Buckle, Sleep, Severn Meadows, The Scribe, Latmian Shepherd, To Violets, Desire in Spring, Snow, In Flanders, Lights Out (cycle including The Penny Whistle, Scents, Bright Clouds, Lights Out, Will you come?, and The Trumpet), and several Gurney poems are read. D.10, H.15]

Songs on Lonely Roads: The Story of Ivor Gurney. Performed by David Goodland as Ivor Gurney, Johnny Coppin, and John Boswall, narrator. Gloucestershire: Red Sky Records RSKC 110, 1990. [Contents: a musical drama of Gurney’s life, including an adaptation of Walking Song (Cranham Woods) and a unique rendition of Captain Stratton’s Fancy, and songs by  Coppin set to Gurney’s poems: The Songs I Had, After-glow, Fisherman of Newnham, Maismore, Under Robinswood, Strange Service, Contrasts, Ballad of Three Spectres, Songs on Lonely Roads, War Poet, The High Hills. D.48, N.14]


Ivor Gurney: Collected Letters. Edited by R. K. R. [Robert Kelsey Rought] Thornton. Northumberland: Mid Northumberland Arts Group; Manchester: Carcanet, 1991. [579 pp.] Amazon*OP - ChaptersGlobe*OP?

Stars in a Dark Night: The Letters of Ivor Gurney to the Chapman Family. [Edited by] Anthony Boden with a foreword by Michael Hurd. NEW EDITION!  Completely new and expanded second edition.  Gloucester, UK: Sutton Publishing , 1986. [224 pp., ISBN: 0750934670, paperback, More Information & Reactions; Review] www.amazon.co.uk, www.abebooks.co.uk www.suttonpublishing.co.uk

Stars in a Dark Night: The Letters of Ivor Gurney to the Chapman Family. [Edited by] Anthony Boden with a foreword by Michael Hurd. 1st Ed. Gloucester, UK: Alan Sutton, 1986. [126 pp.] Amazon*OP - but still available 8/05


Dark Night
War Letters: A Selection. Edited by R. K. R. [Robert Kelsey Rought] Thornton. Ashington, UK: Mid Northumberland Arts Group; Manchester: Carcanet New Press, 1983. [271 pp.] Amazon*OP


Gurney, Ivor. “Charles Villiers Stanford: By Some of His Pupils.” Music and Letters 5 (1924): 193-207.

Gurney, Ivor. “The Springs of Music.” Musical Quarterly 8 (July 1922): 319-322. Full Text.

Notes: For a more complete bibliography and further details on these books, please consult Thornton and Walter’s Ivor Gurney: Towards a BibliographyListing of Distributors does not constitute endorsement.  The *R indicates a Review of the Book; *OP indicates a book that the Distributor considers to be currently Out of Print (consult your used book seller or library).  Pagination is noted as [160 pp.] when available.

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