Student Employment

Various offices and departments throughout the campus hire student workers. Students are responsible for finding their own position. Students who are eligible for federal work-study have first priority for campus employment.

What is campus work study?

Students are eligible for federal college work-study based on need. The amount earned varies with the number of hours worked. Students typically work 7-10 hours a week. File the FAFSA form to determine eligibility for federal work-study. Generally, students are paid minimum wage on a bi-weekly basis. While the awarded amount is included in the financial aid package, it does not directly reduce the semester bill. Students must earn the money, which can act as reimbursement for tuition paid or can be saved for the following semester.

Do I qualify for campus work study?

Please check your financial aid award notification for details. You can log into and view the Messages Tab to confirm federal work study eligibility or call the Student Financial Services Office at 724-847-6530.

Where do I view available jobs?

You can view available on campus jobs in the Career Development Center. 

How do I apply for the available jobs?

Submit an application to the hiring manager of the respective department(s).

What do I need to do if I am hired?

If hired, please complete student employment forms.

How do I post my department job?

Staff members can submit on-campus jobs to the Career Development Office.