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September 27, 2022

Tips To Make Your Dorm Room Work For You

You just left your hometown for college and have made your way up to your dorm room to get all moved in and settled. You open the door, look around, and your room is bare, cold, and unfamiliar. Homesickness begins to set in as your mind fills with thoughts of your cozy safe place back at home. Do not stress! Geneva College students have four common tips on making your dorm room work for you.

1.  Have a Dedicated Space for Your Personal Belongings

It is quite common for incoming students to bring items like photos, stuffed animals, collectables, lights, etc., from home that have value to them. Therefore, it is so important to have a space in your dorm room that is just for you, a place that creates a familiar atmosphere. Manny Bravo (Communication, Public Relations 23’) says that “if it feels familiar, then you will be able to relax more and become comfortable in your new space.” Kiyo Admiraal (Biology and Secondary Education 25’) adds “don’t just go with the latest styles, pick themes and items you genuinely like and use those.” Your space needs to be filled with belongings that you value so your dorm room can become your home away from home.

2.  Brighten Your Space with Houseplants

“Bringing plants really changes the atmosphere and brightens your environment,” Catie Bellotti (Communication, Public Relations 23’) says. Incorporating house plants in your dorm room is proven to create a better environment by reducing levels of depression and anxiety, as well as improving the quality of the air in your room, which is all helpful for vulnerable times. Catie also mentions that having the responsibility of taking care of something is therapeutic too. If you feel you are not good at taking care of plants, we have provided a list of hardy houseplants that are not only bound to stay alive no matter what, but they are affordable too!

  1. ZZ Plant
  2. Succulents
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Sanke Plant
  5. String of Pearls
  6. Cacti
  7. Pothos
  8. Spider Plant

3.  Add an Area Rug

Most dorm rooms have either hardwood flooring, tile flooring, or carpeted flooring. Hannah Courtney (Communication, Integrated Media, and Public Relations 24’) says, “the cold tile floors are not very inviting or homey, so a carpet is so nice to put your feet on when you hop out of bed in the morning.” The carpet or area rug you choose will soften your dorm room space and create a homier environment.

4.  Invest in a Diffuser or Wax Melt Lamp

It is a no-brainer that we associate smells with people, places, and things. Certain smells remind us of Christmas at grandma’s, a fun trip you took with your family, or in this case, home.

Investing in a diffuser or wax melt lamp to make your dorm room smell like home is encouraged by many students who attend Geneva. Some students like to diffuse lavender to help them sleep better at night, while others like to burn wax melts that create a familiar scent in their room making their space feel homier.

Moving away from home into a space that feels unfamiliar, bare, and cold can make your transition into college harder. To ensure your move is a success, make your dorm room feel like a home away from home by following these four common tips from Geneva College Students.


-Ariel Reece '23