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Dr. Wayne Hentschel '70

And his bride, Dona were married on August 17, 2019. Wayne practices at the Crozier Medical Center where he is also the Medical Director. The Hentschels reside in Delaware.

Jameson Beates '07

Accepted a new teaching position with Reach Cyber Charter School (Harrisburg, PA) in January 2020, where he will be instructing students across the Commonwealth in U.S. History. Currently Jameson resides in West Lawn, PA along with his wife, Tara, who teaches in Lancaster and their son, Jack, who is entering 3rd grade.

Dr. Carol (Emrick) Westby '65

Is the recipient of the 2020 Frank R. Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Career Award from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation. The award recognizes an individual’s outstanding contributions to the field of communication sciences and disorders.

Bruce Rhodes '79

Is the Principal at Everett Public Schools and resides in Briar, WA.

Noah Stansbury '10

Was ordained this summer, in the Episcopal Church and currently serves as campus minister at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Clemson, SC.

Tania (Wilkey) Thompson '87

Is currently employed as the head cook at Tiger Pause Ministry. Tania resides in Beaver Falls, along with her five children.

Dennis Lake '85

Retired July 1, 2020 following a little over 34 years in the airline industry. In an Industry known for mergers, he began as a flight attendant with People Express Airlines in Newark, N.J. which later merged with Continental Airlines. At Continental, he held positions in pilot and flight attendant crew scheduling, aircraft staffing, manager of occupational safety and regulatory compliance, flight attending training and development, FAA liaison and International Service Manager. Following yet another merger with United Airlines, he finished out his career based in San Francisco as an International Purser. Having been raised on a farm in southwestern PA, Dennis is grateful that his Geneva education provided the foundation he needed to succeed in an amazing industry that provided exposure to so many different places not only in the USA, but to many countries and cultures around the world. Volunteering tops his list of things to do in retirement.

Amanda McCrina '12

Recently published her book TRAITOR (a YA historical novel) on August 25, 2020 by Macmillan/FSG Books for Young Readers.

Karen (Costello) Dunham '11

Is currently employed as a School Counselor, after receiving her Masters from Edinboro University in 2013. Karen and her husband, Kyle, are pictured here at their wedding on August 11, 2018. The Dunhams reside in Pennsylania.

Thomas Meyer '09

Received his Masters of Educational Leadership in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University in 2020. Thom is employed as an elementary music teacher at Maple Heights City Schools. He has an 18-month old son, Thomas Jr. and recently became engaged to Caitlin Schwenk.

Elise Grybos '08

Had a research article published, "Conversation Skills and Self-Initiated Interactions in Young Adults with Autism and Intellectual Disability," in the Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders journal.

Alexis Nagy '19

Is employed by UMC Childcare Center as the Lead Teacher for ECE. Alexis is pursuing her masters degree at the University of Toledo and resides in Pennsylvania.

Leonard Morgan '91

Accepted the position of commissioned pastor for Community United Presbyterian Church in New Alexandria, PA. He is also a licensed broker for medicare insurance. Len along with his wife, Debbie reside in Export.

Jami (Vollmer) '14 and Brandon '16 Martin

Welcomed their first child, Brantley on July 2. The Martins currently reside in Georgia.

Tim Parker '12

Along with wife, Sasha welcomed their first child, son Ezequiel James on August 6. The Parkers reside in Spring Grove, PA.

Tesni (Searles) '08 and Brian '08 Freed

Welcomed their second son, William "Will" David, into the world on July 13, 2020. By God's grace, he joined the family one year after his older brother was born into heaven.

Stephen Noell '15

And wife, Tamara welcomed their first child, a son, Ralph Eddwin Noell, born July 22.The Noells reside in Oregon.

Julie (McCracken) '13 and Luke '12 Brown

Welcomed a second daughter to their family. Sweet baby Anna was born on August 2. The Browns reside in Bethel Park.

Jonathan '14 and Mary (Kinch) '14 Cerha

Welcomed their third son, David, born on August 6. Baby David joins big brothers, Micah and Samuel. The Cerhas reside in South Carolina.

Alyssa (Alfano) Micco '17

And husband, Ian welcomed a son, Lyle Dominick (pictured here) in April, 2020.

Clayton II '14 and Leslie (Shipman) '15 LaPosta

Welcomed their first child, Gianni in March. The LaPosta's reside in Pennsylvania.

Gregory Mead '13

Was ordained in the Pittsburgh Presbytery of the PCA Church on November 1, 2019 and installed as the pastor at the First Evangelical Presbyterian Church (PCA) in East Liverpool, OH. Greg and his wife, Miriam (Troup) '14 reside in East Liverpool, OH.

Hannah (Kelly) '18 and Ethan '18 Stahl

Recently welcomed their first child. Daughter, Esther was born on August 1. The Stahls reside in Texas.

Rebecka Johnson '88

Is employed as a software engineer for Erie Insurance. She recently purchased a new home in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Cora (Hardway) Sykes '88

Along with her husband, Glen reside in San Diego, CA.

Russell "Roc" Clendenin '77

And wife, Nancy (Parsons) Clendenin '77 have been married for 45 years. The Clendenins have 2 children, Elizabethh and Phillip and reside in Maryville,TN. Currently, Russell is seeking to replace his diabetic alert dog due to her illness. Please follow his link for more information

Lorraine (Truelson) Kay '71

Is retired and living in Calimesa, CA.

Sydney Hessom '20

Recently accepted a position as a manufacturing engineer with Swagelok.

Holly Gfroerer '20 and James Mincone '20

Were married on June 13, 2020. The Mincones reside in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

John Kubichek '97

Started a new job with Pew Charitable Trusts in July 2020 as Senior Manager in Compliance. After 23 years in public accounting, he is excited about the new opportunity.

Bethany (Klingler) Sedziol '10

And husband, Brian welcomed daughter, Sophie, their first child in April. The Sedziols reside in Canton, OH.

Lydia (Wargo) '17 and Alan Hale '13

Welcomed a son, Alan "Landon" Hale IV on June 22, 2020. The Hales reside in McKees Rocks, PA.

Barret '02 and Carrie (Robinson) Hendrickson '01,

Are taking their family and heading to the island of Abaco in The Bahamas to join the Caribbean Youth Network to minister to hurting families in the wake of devastation following Hurricane Dorian last September. They also are offering to host mission trips to help in the rebuilding of Marsh Harbour in the name of Jesus. God began calling them to this ministry long before they set foot in Abaco. In fact, it began at Geneva. For Carrie, Dr. Terry Thomas walked alongside her as she changed majors four times "and pointed me to God in a patient, loving and fun way," said Carrie. "I had many professors pour out God's love and grace into my life during my years at Geneva. God used Evangelism, taught by Dean Smith, in huge ways, and I still use things I learned in this class in current ministry." Barrett also places great value on the support of Terry Thomas and Brad Frey during his time at Geneva. In addition, he is grateful for his network of friends that he met at Geneva, many who are working in full-time ministry. Carrie offers this advice to potential and current students at Geneva: "Be patient. His timing makes little sense to us. Focus on Jesus. We have been changed by God's grace and mercy, and He has used 2 Timothy 2:1-7 to convict us and remind us daily, that our aim is to please the One who enlisted us." For more information about their ministry, go to

Teghan Jacobson '20 and Jake Knepper '19

Were united in marriage in Curwensville, PA on May 29, 2020. The Kneppers reside in Beaver Falls.

Anthony "Tony" Domanik '10

Is the Associate Pastor at Falls Church, Menomonee Falls, WI. Tony and wife, Collette have been married for 6 years and have 3 children: Corban, Alethea and Zoe. The Domanik Family resides in Sussex, WI.

Maryann (Landis) Croutharmel '04

And husband, D.J. welcomed their second daughter, Iris June on March 25, 2020. Sweet baby Iris joins big sister, Violet Mae who just turned 1 in March. The Croutharmels reside in Pennsylvania.

Rebecka (Weliczko) Barta '88

Celebrated her one year anniversary this past December with the City of Plant City, where she works in their Engineering Department. Her current projects include various roads, drainage and improvement projects throughout the City. She is working on her Floor Plain Management Certification and is just completing an $8 million dollar Community Center. She is also supervising a $3 million dollar Fire Station Project. She is a part of the emergency hurricane support team.

Danielle Tabin '19

Is employed by New Brighton School District as a learning support teacher. Danielle currently resides in New Brighton, Pennsylvania.


Name Graduation Year Date of Death
Patricia A. (Patton) Samarin '49 1949 August 31, 2020
Michael S. Young '84 1984 September 5, 2020
Lois W. (Work) Dick '52 1952 September 10, 2020
Ailene (Gordon) Glass '52 1952 August 13, 2020
Mona D. (Dishler) Lynch '60 1960 August 22, 2020
Alfred M. Tkatch '50 1950 August 19, 2020
Dr. Lois M. (Tyson) Cummings 1955 August 29, 2020
William D. Speidel '49 1949 August 26, 2020
Paul J. Powers '63 1963 August 29, 2020
John E. Banyas, Jr. '67 1967 August 29, 2020
James L. Nastasi '60 1960 August 7, 2020
Anthony J. Krukowski '66 1966 July 28, 2020
Jean N. (Cervi) Kotchka '58 1958 August 11, 2020
Martha J. (Hamilton) Black '49 1949 August 5, 2020
James D. Carson '50 1950 August 1, 2020
Phyllis L. (Sahli) Snedden '51 1951 July 29, 2020
Lawrence E. Weber '68 1968 July 30, 2020
Eugene O. Godman '52 1952 June 6, 2020
Karen A. Kinkade '08 2008 July 27, 2020
Charles E. Adams '93 1953 August 3, 2020
Joseph E. Scala '49 1949 August 1, 2020
Michael P. Ciampaglione '67 1967 August 1, 2020
William A. Dunfee '64 1964 July 18, 2020
Allen G. Adams '65 1965 July 27, 2020
Sue R. (Robb) Wilkey '59 1959 July 28, 2020
John D. Jackson '57 1957 July 24, 2020
John C. Teleha '73 1973 July 12, 2020
Martha S. (Mason) Alexander '63 1963 July 9, 2020
Ellen (Nelson) Schweinsberg '47 1947 June 23, 2020
Gladys I. Kozora '65 1965 June 24, 2020
Harry G. Wichryk '78 1978 June 23, 2020
Evelyn C. (Carano) Beozubiak '54 1954 May 29, 2020
Ronald H. Juth '65 1965 June 14, 2020
Carol A. (Passero) Hutchinson '69 1969 June 23, 2020
Franklin J. Vukich '60 1960 June 23, 2020
Shirley J. (Stang) Gatchell '51 1951 June 22, 2020
Robert P. Stacey '60 1960 January 6, 2020
Dawn S. (Stothoff) Warner '87 1987 June 3, 2020
John H. Tweed '51 1951 May 25, 2020
Timothy W. Pawol '71 1971 May 25, 2020
Fae J. (Wahl) Hirschy '48 1948 June 10, 2020
Walter F. Saruszkiewicz '60 1960 May 14, 2020
Donna J. (Fell) Angle '55 1955 May 20, 2020
Kenneth M. Scarlino '69 1969 May 18, 2020
Shirley B. (Bowie) Edwards '51 1951 May 22, 2020

Friends of Geneva - Memoriam

Name Date of Death
Charles D. Burkhart March 18, 2020
Patricia A. Mullen August 9, 2020
Ronald C. Janicki August 24, 2020
Charlene P. Muhar August 23, 2020
Shirley Betz August 4, 2020
Michel M. Bauthier August 1, 2020
John K. Fink III August 3, 2020
Frank C. Bauer July 28, 2020
Keith A. Steiner July 7, 2020
William H. Burton July 20, 2020
George H. Guisler July 21, 2020
Jean F. Roberts July 15, 2020
Robert C. Burke July 3, 2020
Isabelle D. Majors June 20, 2020
Donald J. Sullivan June 5, 2020
Joan E. Markey June 3, 2020
Harold F. Reed, Jr. May 23, 2020