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Program Spotlight

January 24, 2022

5 Popular Career Paths for Biology Grads

A biological science degree will take you on a journey to study the living world that’s all around and within us. Biology is one of the broadest majors you can choose because it encompasses many scientific disciplines, from the study of the very smallest molecules that make up life to the study of plants and animals.

Graduate Studies

January 21, 2022

7 Great Reasons to Earn Your Master's Degree Online

A master’s degree allows you to advance your career, expand your knowledge, and develop skills. While in-person classes are the traditional way to earn this degree, online programs are also available. How is online school different than in-person school? With an online graduate degree program, you can earn your master’s degree from the comfort of home. Choosing an online school for your advanced degree offers other important advantages, as well. Keep the following in mind when deciding between in-person and online master’s degree programs.

Campus Life

January 18, 2022

10 Goals to Set Now for a Successful New Semester

The start of a new semester in college means you’ll be gaining more knowledge and learning new skills. To keep up with academic challenges and make sure you do well in school, you should think about setting some goals. What are good goals for the start of a semester?

Program Spotlight

December 29, 2021

5 Strategies You Can Use to Select the Right Engineering Major

As an engineer, you must adopt a career-long commitment to learning. There will always be new products and developments, new problem-solving methods or techniques, and new technologies that benefit career advancement.

Graduate Studies

December 27, 2021

7 Intriguing TV Shows to Stream as You Pursue Your Master's in Counseling

Television can be entertaining and relaxing, but these days, the best shows are also educational. This is true not only of documentaries, but also for the comedies and suspense-heavy dramas we love to binge-watch.

Program Spotlight

December 22, 2021

6 Steps to Take When Choosing an Allied Health Major

Is allied health a good major? An allied health degree program offers a way to learn the skills you’ll need for a healthcare career. During this type of program, you might take courses such as virology, neuroscience, genomics, and biomedical ethics. You can also expect to work with state-of-the-art equipment in labs as part of your studies.


December 20, 2021

5 Majors That Can Help Launch a Fun, High-Paying Career

As you consider your future career, you may be thinking that you want to find an option that not only pays well but is also fun. What jobs pay well but are fun? The answer depends on your major, but these are some excellent choices.

Campus Life

December 16, 2021

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Playing Rugby at Geneva

The Geneva College Men’s Rugby team is a college-affiliated club sport that is open to all male students. Established in 1994, the club’s mission statement reads “Our purpose is to compete against Western Pennsylvania colleges through the game of rugby, to fellowship together through athletic training, and to honor God through our actions.”


December 1, 2021

Death of an Atheist

While everyone else grieved the loss of a family member and friend, I grieved the loss of a soul. I wondered if I could have said or done something differently to change his mind about Christianity. My faith is based on God, but I assure you that if my faith was based on people then I would not be a Christian.

Program Spotlight

November 30, 2021

Majoring in Marketing? 6 Minors to Shape Your Career Path

If you’ve chosen to major in marketing in college (or you’re considering doing so), you’ve already made a great choice. The marketing industry is growing rapidly, fueled by continued above-average growth in digital marketing careers.

Program Spotlight

November 17, 2021

5 Reasons You Should Consider Earning a Degree in Actuarial Mathematics

Are you good at math? Do you enjoy solving complex problems? Does using statistics to predict future trends sound like an appealing job description? If so, earning a degree in actuarial mathematics in order to become an actuary could be right up your alley.

Graduate Studies

November 14, 2021

7 Amazing Reasons to Earn Your Master’s Degree at Geneva College

When you’re thinking of continuing school to earn an advanced degree, Geneva College has a lot to offer. At Geneva, you’ll find several master’s degree programs to explore based on your educational goals and career path. Why is a master’s degree good? This advanced degree can provide you with some notable advantages in your career. When you choose a master’s degree program at Geneva, you’ll enjoy even more benefits. Keep the following in mind when you’re looking into options for earning your advanced degree.

Program Spotlight

November 9, 2021

5 Ways a Community Development Degree Can Help You Enhance Your Community

When you’ve decided to make a difference in your community, a community development degree could be the ideal educational path for you. This type of degree teaches you the skills you’ll be using to help improve your community. You’ll also learn how to go about making these changes or improvements effectively. No matter what changes you have in mind for making your community a better place, a community development degree can help you succeed. With this degree program, you’ll learn what it takes to enhance your community in these ways:

Everyday Living

November 5, 2021

Loving Thy Neighbor – Geneva Style

While the Bible addresses how to treat your neighbor, it hasn’t covered specific ways do so at Geneva College (I’m sure they’re getting there). In the meantime, I’ll give a few of my suggestions for loving thy neighbors - Geneva style.


November 1, 2021

Top 5 Careers for Cybersecurity Majors

Job openings in the tech market have skyrocketed. There are nearly 3 million open cybersecurity positions around the globe, and the field is still rapidly growing. Check out a few of the most popular types of positions for graduates with a cybersecurity degree!


October 27, 2021

The Most Exciting Benefits of Earning Your Sports Management Degree

Few careers provide a blend of excitement, personal satisfaction, and lucrative opportunities quite like sports management. This is a wonderfully diverse career path that is bursting with potential. Keep reading to learn what sports management is, why it's such a great field to pursue, and how a targeted degree can prepare you for success after you graduate.


October 26, 2021

11 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being an Engineer

Do you want a career that's exciting and gives you opportunities to change the world? Check out these 11 reasons you'll love engineering at Geneva!  

Everyday Living

October 20, 2021

Drive-thru Mindfulness: 4 Quick Ways to Improve Mental Health

In the midst of the chaos, it’s crucial we remember to take time to improve our mental health. For those of you who are so busy that your only chance to breathe is a bathroom break, I’ve composed a list of 4 ways you can engage in mindfulness without skipping class.

The College

October 18, 2021

6 Smart Benefits of Doing a Double Major in College

When it’s time to choose a major in college, you’re not limited to just one. In fact, you can choose to do a double major instead. But should you do two majors? While it might seem hard to handle more than one major, there are several reasons to do so. The following are some of the top benefits of doing a double major in college. Keep these benefits in mind when you’re deciding whether to do one or two majors.


October 11, 2021

Top Five Remote Jobs

College students who need to be on campus quite frequently need a job that can be completed with flexible hours that can be made to fit around a class schedule and the option to work from anywhere. Here are five options for those desiring to work remotely.