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Program Spotlight

January 15, 2020

Prepare to Make History—Be One of the First to Graduate with a BSN at Geneva

Geneva College has always worked hard to equip its students for faithful and fruitful service to God and neighbor. But, up until recently, Geneva has not been able to offer students a degree program in nursing. Fortunately, however, through a partnership agreement with the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC), nursing students can earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Geneva while also obtaining an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) from CCBC.

Campus Life

January 7, 2020

Student Ministry Students Vie for Coveted Silver Ladle

For at least a decade, the Student Ministry Department of Geneva College has hosted a Soup Cook-Off in the Old Main lobby for the entire Geneva community to enjoy.  This year, the theme was “Holidays,” and nine teams competed for the coveted Silver Ladle trophy.

Campus Life

January 2, 2020

Establishing Healthy, Productive Routines

A new year is a great time to establish healthy, productive routines. A well-oiled routine can help clear the way for those late-night, impromptu adventures you might have. My best advice is to have a practice - a way to create balance and calm - based on what you have going on and when you work best. Here are a few guidelines to get started.

College Admissions

December 30, 2019

When to Apply For College: Key Considerations to Keep in Mind As You Seek a Spot at Your Top School

Today's aspiring college students are especially thrown off by timelines which vary dramatically from one school to the next. Differing deadlines may impact how and when students visit schools, seek recommendations and, ultimately, send in their applications. Read on for valuable clarification to make the process a little less confusing.

Campus Life

December 18, 2019

Marching into a Music Scholarship

The Department of Music at Geneva College has many options for those who want to use their God-given musical talents now and in the future as a career. If that’s you, and you’re interested in learning more about Geneva’s scholarship opportunities, keep reading.


December 16, 2019

What Does It Mean to Go to a Christian College?

College is more than just a place to continue your education after high school. The time you spend at college will change and shape you in ways you could never imagine.

Financial Aid

December 13, 2019

Top 5 Financial Aid Myths Debunked

There's enough "fake news" out there already. Don’t fall for these myths you have have heard about federal student aid and the application process.

Program Spotlight

December 11, 2019

Visit to a Caring Place

There is a place for caring for families suffering grief, The Highmark Caring Place. Students in Geneva College's Master's in Counseling program regularly visit The Caring Place to learn about the work being done there.

Everyday Living

December 2, 2019

Fall Semester Fatigue: Finishing Strong

After coming back from Thanksgiving Break, finals week follows fast. How are we going to make it? Here are some tips and tricks to help you make your way to the end of the semester.

Everyday Living

November 29, 2019

Protecting Valuable Assets: You and Your Data

Electronic devices make life easier and more efficient, but they open us up to privacy and security concerns. Address these concerns on Computer Security Day.

The College

November 26, 2019

Who is Gerstner?

The John H. Gerstner Collection was installed in 2019 as a permanent fixture in Geneva College's McCartney Library. Open to students and scholars alike, the Gerstner Collection is a treasure of materials dedicated to reformed evangelicalism. With a little background on the man and his raison d'etre in theological circles, Geneva students might be more inclined to engage with this exciting, new resource.

Everyday Living

November 21, 2019

Six Radical Self-Care Strategies To Help You Survive the Holiday Season

We cannot pour from empty cups. During the holiday season when depression rises, it's important to practice self-care so we are better able to serve others.


November 18, 2019

Being recruited by college coaches – What do I need to know?

You have honed your skills, worked on your craft and done everything your coaches have told you to do. Now you are ready to showcase your talents in front of college coaches. What are coaches looking for in a potential recruit and what's most important to you when choosing a school?

Campus Life

November 13, 2019

How About Some Not-So-Random Acts on World Kindness Day?

What are you planning to contribute to World Kindness Day this year? Learn some easy, free, and powerful ways to celebrate and spread positivity.

Financial Aid

November 12, 2019

5 Common FAFSA Mistakes

So much financial aid for college depends on a completely filled out and signed Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA). Avoid these five common mistakes to give yourself the best chance to get the money you need for a great college education.

The College

November 11, 2019

For Christ and Country

Pro Christo et Patria is more than just a motto; it is a way of life for the Geneva College Community. Geneva students and alumni have a rich history of service to both Christ and Country and that is something that to be celebrated every day and especially on Veteran's Day.

Biblical Wisdom

November 4, 2019

By justice a king builds up the land

When rulers receive gifts, they stop treating everyone fairly. People with an interest in what you can do for them will pay for your speech, give to your campaign, or fund your foundation. “Pay to play” expectations are automatically built into a king’s “exacting” gifts, named “gifts” to disguise their actual door-opening purpose.


November 1, 2019

Program Spotlight: Career Opportunities in Community Development

Success hinges on thorough training, compassion and an optimistic outlook.

Everyday Living

October 10, 2019

Treating Mental Illness with Compassion

World Mental Health Day is a day to share your compassion.

Biblical Wisdom

October 7, 2019

Those who forsake the law praise the wicked

What do wicked people want from the law and the Supreme Court? They want not just “decriminalization” of their behavior; they want approval of it, in the press, in schools, and in pulpits if they can get it. Those who refuse to get with their program will have to praise them or strive against them.