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March 10, 2016

The Value of Student Leadership

College is the perfect place to acquire and hone the skills that are necessary for success in the post-graduate gauntlet, but a skill that cannot come from classroom experience alone is leadership—which, naturally, means that employers want to see it.

Luckily, Geneva has plenty of opportunities to flex your leadership muscles. Here are four reasons why you should become a student leader.

Institutional impact

Love a certain part of the Geneva experience? Want to make it better? As a student leader, you’ll have the ability to cultivate the community that people know and love. Want to continue the tradition of awesome student activities? Is helping new student transition to Geneva one of your passions? Or would you rather help connect students with local ministry opportunities? No matter what part of campus you are passionate about, there are leadership positions available. There is nothing quite like seeing your fingerprints on something that improves the quality of someone’s Geneva experience.

Personal Growth

Geneva does a great job of providing opportunities for growth from its studnent leaders. Supervisors mentor their students in all areas of life and help them to prepare for the future. Group meetings also involve self-analysis that help student to understand themselves and the way that they interact with the world around them. These are invaluable skills that are readily available to student leaders. Working on creating real experiences and real change allow students to truly grow into who they are and who they want to be.

Awesome People

Working as a student leader puts students into contact with some of the coolest people they will ever meet. Between Residence Life and the Center for Student Engagement, you won’t find a more fun and dedicated group to become a part of. Everyone involved in student leadership is in the business of helping make Geneva a better place for its students. These positions provide unique opportunities to bond with others that can’t be found other places. The relationships forged in student leadership are ones that will be some of the most beneficial to a student’s growth and development.

Professional Development

While the professional development of student leaders is not high on the priority list of Residence Life or the CSE, the skills that are learned in these positions are incredibly valuable. Students work on teams to achieve their goals, which is something almost all employers look for regardless of the field. You are also responsible and held accountable for your own performance, which is valuable experience for professional preparation. The freedom that you are given to take charge of your position, whether its planning community building events on the floor where you RA or planning a goofy tournament as an intramural coordinator, allows you to build your own experience. You never know what skills you acquire as a student leader will be instrumental in your future success.

Student leadership is one of the most challenging positions that you can find yourself in at Geneva, but it is also one of the most rewarding. The change that you can bring to campus and to yourself cannot be quantified.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your college experience.


–Brett Williams ’16

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