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7 Reasons Why Majoring in Education Is a Good Idea

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Why majoring in education is worth it

If you are considering your major options, have you thought about pursuing a degree in education? Geneva College has a wide range of options, from early childhood to secondary education, for your consideration. Is education a good college major? For many students, the answer to this common question is “yes.” There are many distinct perks to majoring in education.

Yet you may also be wondering if education is a hard major. Of course, it can be quite a challenging major, but it is a challenge worth embracing because of the many rewards involved in taking on the task of education.

This post explores seven reasons why majoring in education is a good idea, from job security to the intrinsic value you get while working as an educator. If you love kids, read on to find out why education may be the right career path for you.

1. Always Learning

Educators are always learning. In fact, it is woven into most educational license programs to ensure teachers are constantly taking continuing education to advance their craft. If you love learning, majoring in education gives you a career path where learning is part of your job description.

2. A Large Number of Career Paths

Most people who major in education in college do spend some time in the classroom after graduation, but that is just one career open to education majors. This degree can also open the door to working as:

  • Juvenile corrections worker
  • Counselor
  • Psychologist
  • Child life specialist
  • Admissions specialist
  • Education administration roles
  • Curriculum developer

Any field that works with youth can be a good match for someone with an education degree. Some of these career paths do require additional training or graduate work, but your education major would set the right foundation. 

3. Job Security

As long as there are kids, there will be a need for people to teach them. This means job security for professionals with an education degree. In addition, public schools often benefit from teacher unions that help keep good educators in the classroom.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, elementary teachers expect to see a 4% increase in the number of jobs by 2029. The same is true for high school teachers. Those employed in post-secondary education can expect a 9% increase in demand during that time frame. Teachers are much needed, and that is a definite perk to the profession.

4. You Get to Help Students

As an educator, your job is to help students succeed, both academically as well as socially and emotionally. This is highly rewarding and can help motivate you to go to work each day. Every day is different, as well, as you work with students to get through problems that impact their learning and development.

5. You Make a Difference

Helping students succeed means you are making a difference, not just in the lives of the students in your classroom, but also in society as a whole. Society is only as strong as its future leaders will be, and as an educator, you are growing and developing those future leaders. Every time you go to work, you are making a difference in the lives of the students you see, and that is highly rewarding.

Sometimes it is a teacher who is the first one to notice signs of emotional or behavioral problems and saying something can make a difference in the life of that student. Sometimes a teacher or a classroom is the only safe space a student has, and your stability makes their lives just a little easier for the hours they are with you.

6. Seeing Students Learn New Skills

As you teach, you have the chance to watch students learn and grasp new skills. Many teachers describe the “light bulb” moment that happens when a student finally grasps a difficult concept. That is a highly rewarding experience, and something you get to see on an almost daily basis as an educator.

It doesn’t matter if you are teaching pre-calc to seniors or reading to kindergarten students, that chance to see the information you are presenting finally “click” makes all the hard work of an education major worthwhile.

7. Rewarding Career

In the end, all these perks lead to a highly rewarding career. Watching children grow and develop and knowing you are making a difference for the future has much intrinsic value. This makes studying education worthwhile for many people who choose this career path, and this career starts with an education major.

Start Your Education Training Today

Education is a good major to pursue in college because of the career opportunities and value it brings. You get the chance to make a difference in the future while also making a difference in the lives of students right now. This major can be challenging as well, so you will want to get started down that path as quickly as possible.

Geneva College has a number of education majors for your consideration. Go online to explore our education majors, or reach out to an admission's counselor to talk about your options and start planning for a rewarding career in a high-demand field.

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Sep 27, 2021