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April 14, 2016

Why Attend a Christian College?

When you are considering your options for college, one of your primary considerations is likely going to be the cost. When you look at the cost of going to a state school compared to a Christian college, you may wonder if it's really worthwhile to invest in a Christian education. Before you make your decision, consider these benefits of attending a Top 10 Best Value School such as Geneva College.

1. Exploration of beliefs is common in college

The college years are, naturally, a time when students start to examine the beliefs their parents taught them. This is the time when young adults solidify what they believe, and why. Unfortunately, many students who attend a state or other secular institution find the pull of other philosophies so strong that they abandon their faith. In fact, Steve Henderson, Geneva College's President of Christian Counseling for Colleges and Ministries, found that over half of the Christian students he surveyed who went to a secular university no longer claimed to be Christian when they were done with school. For students and parents who want faith to remain a central part of life, a Christian college is a helpful tool.

2. Build friendships with like-minded individuals

College is also a time when friendships, often those friendships that can last a lifetime, are developed. When you spend item in the dorms, classroom, cafeteria and at social events with the same people, you are going to build friendships. When you attend a Christian college, you can develop deep friendships with those people who share a common faith with you, and the result will be lifetime friends who you can share ministry and Christian growth with.

3. Ministry opportunities

No time in a young person's life will have more freedom than the college years, and when you attend a Christian college, you are able to use some of that freedom to change the world through ministry opportunities. The college will have a number of ministry opportunities that they encourage students to work in, making it easy to volunteer and give back to your local community while supporting your ministry goals. Some colleges even offer ministry opportunities at a national and international scale.

4. Life-long impact from faculty

Christian colleges have faculty and staff that embrace Christian values and beliefs. This means you will have a wealth of potential counselors you can turn to when you have a question or need guidance for your future. These mentors can often turn into friends when your education is complete. In fact many of our professors have had the opportunities to impact their students well beyond their college years.

5. Education with a Christian worldview

Education is always a bit biased by the worldview of the teacher and the institution. This can challenge students to think critically, but sometimes it can push students away from their faith. With a Christian college education students are given tools to shape their faith, from strong relationships with peers and professors to outreach opportunities at a local or international level, these tools help strengthen their worldview to impact the world for Christ.

So is Christian college worth the price? With these advantages, it is clear that the benefits are worth considering. Remember, your college education will shape the way you think about and view the world as an adult, so embrace an education that is in line with your beliefs. For more information about a solid Christian education from Geneva College, contact us at web@geneva.edu or give us a call at 855-979-5563.