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April 20, 2022

11 Fun Facts Proving the Sky is Not the Limit with an Engineering Degree

What is cool about being an engineer? Well, let’s see. Among other things, you get to have fun designing a world where others can have fun too! How cool is that? There are so many other reasons though why engineering is the best major in the world. Engineering creates and improves all industries. Some of the coolest inventions were once dreams engineers followed and turned into reality using creativity, practicality, and innovation.

11 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Engineering

What is a fun fact about engineering? So glad you asked! We’re actually going to look at not just one, but eleven cool engineering fun facts.

  1. The Snowboard Was Invented by an Engineer

Muskegon, Michigan engineer Sherman Poppen developed the first snowboard prototype in the mid-1960s as a winter toy for his daughter by securing two snow skis together and fastening a lead to the front for steering. Combining two words that described its purpose – snow and surfing, Poppen’s wife gave this new contraption a snappy name – the “Snurfer.” After attracting the attention of a sports equipment manufacturer, it grew quickly in popularity. Local Snurfer competitions followed in the late 1960s and national competitions in the 1970s. In 1998, snowboarding was included in the Winter Olympics for the first time in Nagano, Japan.

  1. We Wouldn’t have Theme Parks Without Engineers

Want to work in an adult playground? How about a theme park like Disney World? All types of engineers are needed for theme parks. From updating buildings and systems to designing new attractions and rides to considering the overall experience of its guests, engineers make theme parks possible and keep them safe.

The Ferris Wheel, a key attraction of many theme parks, is, in fact, considered one of the greatest engineering feats of all time. George W. Ferris, a Pennsylvania engineer, created the first one in 1893. The two 140-foot steel towers joined with a 45-foot axle was the largest single piece of forged steel ever produced during up to that time.

  1. Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu (First Female Engineer)

Romania-born Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu was the world’s first female chemical engineer. Following her graduation in 1912 from the Royal Academy of Technology in Berlin, she worked at the Geological Institute of Romania as an assistant. In 2018, she was honored with a Google Doodle on the anniversary of her birthday.

  1. Thank Engineers for Some of The Best Movies in History

Entertainment engineers create movie magic! In fact, the entertainment industry relies on engineers to innovate safety measures and amaze audiences. Film sets are complicated productions requiring engineers to design and create complex props as well as special effects that move, fly, burn and explode. Engineers also collaborate with animators in the use of morphing technology to bring realistic digital images to life.

  1. Engineering and Fashion Come Together

What does engineering have to do with fashion? You might be surprised. In fact, a lot of engineering thought and calculations go into the design of fashionable running shoes. Engineers are extensively involved in their production, working hard to create the optimal shoe design for the “average” athlete. This is harder than many people realize because the “average athlete” covers a wide range of very anatomically and functionally different human forms. Engineers ensure the impact and shock of each walking or running step is distributed across the entire foot, protecting the spine and joints throughout the body.

  1. The Origin of the Word “Engineering”

The term “engineer” derives from the Middle English “engineour”, from Anglo-French, from enginer to devise or construct.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Do you love VR? If so, thank an engineer for the experience. VR would not exist if it weren’t for engineers who discovered ways to create all types of VR experiences using computer simulation and visualization. Universities also use virtual reality simulations to teach nursing students in many undergraduate nursing programsA concept that was once considered futuristic not long ago has become commonplace.

  1. Water Slides

If you enjoy water slides, thank an engineer as you glide down the flume. Engineers, specifically civil engineers, design water slides with a pumping system that provides the correct level of water to make sliding possible. The engineer is also responsible for slide safety, ensuring their slide design can withstand the weight of the water and the people on the slide. At outdoor waterparks, they even calculate the force of the wind blowing against it.

  1. The First-Ever Engineer

Imhotep (c. 2667-2600 BCE), the vizier to King Djoser, is responsible for the building of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, making him the very first engineer on record. Imhotep was also a priest, poet, physician, mathematician, astronomer and architect. Due to his engineering feats, he is the only other Egyptian besides Amenhotep to become fully deified.

  1. Engineering in Sports

We’ve already looked at how engineers work to improve the running shoe, but engineering is alsoe heavily involved in sports. Engineers develop systems and technologies to reduce the risk of injury and power up performance by creating enhanced equipment that’s lighter, faster and stronger. Best of all, becoming a sports engineer is the perfect way to combine a passion for sports with a love of technology.

  1. Engineers Are Out of This World

Engineers are the reason the space program and space travel exist. Engineers brought the crew of Apollo 13 home safely. Engineers designed a space station that remains in orbit, produces its own oxygenrecycles its water reservesproduces powermaintains safe temperatures, and so much more.

Manned flights have only gone to the moon and back; however, space probes have visited most planets.

With the advent of space tourism (calling all engineers to a whole new job sector), you don’t even have to be an astronaut to travel into space.

Become a World Changer with an Engineering Degree at Geneva College

An engineering career is thrilling. It’s fun. It’s also the best major in the world to lay the foundation for a fascinating career that takes you to incredible heights ... maybe even outer space! With an engineering degree, the only limit is your imagination!

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