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Unlimited Career Opportunities with a Computer Information Systems Degree from Geneva

Picture of Unlimited Career Opportunities with a Computer Information Systems Degree from Geneva
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Are you the one friends or family come to when computers malfunction? Do you thrive on technological troubleshooting—tinkering around with computers to figure out what’s wrong? Does artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, programming, and software design fascinate you? If you get excited just thinking about these subjects and also have an interest in how business works, Geneva’s new Computer Information Systems program was designed for you.

Computer information systems are integral to nearly every industry in the global marketplace, and a Bachelor of Science in CIS opens a myriad of career options for you. Employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These occupations are expected to add about 488,500 new jobs over this period. This faster-than-average growth rate is partly due "to a greater emphasis on cloud computing, the collection and storage of big data, more everyday items becoming connected to the internet … and the continued demand for mobile computing” notes the BLS.

A career in this dynamic, ever-growing field typically rewards you with a median annual salary of $82,860 (as of May 2016) and the ability to put your God-given talents and skills to work. You'll have the chance to play a key role in applying technological support to organizations while helping advance global business solutions.

Who’s a good candidate for a CIS program?

Students who are a natural fit for this major often have a strong background in computers and computer software and a thorough understanding of business. Other necessary skills in Computer Information Systems include a project management background, good organizational skills, and well-developed analytical skills. You also need to be very detail oriented with the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. Good troubleshooting skills paired with strong interpersonal and communication skills are also essential. Successful professionals in this field must have the ability to analyze problems and create solutions.

What will you learn in your CIS program?

With a curriculum rooted in a Christian worldview designed to complement your unique talents, interests, and vocational goals, Geneva's CIS program offers coursework in such exciting subjects as:
· Business Analytics
· Business Law
· Database Systems
· Structured Programming
· Software Engineering
· Cybersecurity
· Macroeconomics
Most of your coursework will involve active, hands-on learning. Course and project work are primarily supported by Windows-based microcomputers available in a classroom lab with 30 workstations and a general-purpose lab with 12 workstations.

What can you do with a degree in Computer Information Systems?

Graduates with a degree in Computer Information Systems have many job opportunities and career paths open to them. Computers are vital to doing business, and the demand for skilled workers will continue to increase as firms expand their information technology (IT) networks and constantly upgrade their computer equipment and software. The skills you acquire while working toward a Computer Information Systems degree make you a very desirable employment candidate for a wide variety of roles including:
· Database system management
· Date mining
· Consulting
· National security applications
· Web engineering
· Network design and administration
· Computer security
· Software engineering
· Technology services

What about internships and other resources?

Internships are very beneficial because they provide you with hands-on experience working with within organizations, experience that makes you far more efficient once you enter the workforce. Some common internship and creative opportunities available to Geneva students include:
· Creehan & Company
· McKesson
· Geneva’s Technology Services Department
· Google Summer of Code

We encourage you to check out our Computer Information Systems Career Resources page where we connect you to professional associations, occupational outlook information, and other sites that can help you understand the many possibilities available to you with a Computer Information Systems degree from Geneva.

If you’d like to learn more about the biblically based, Christ-centered education at Geneva, we’d love to introduce you to Christian perspectives at work in the field Computer Information Systems. For more information on how Geneva College can help you pursue your goals for a career in CIS, please phone us at 855-979-5563 or email web@geneva.edu.

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Nov 15, 2017