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Program Spotlight
January 29, 2019

Program Spotlight: How Geneva College Equips Aspiring Educators for Success in a Demanding and Rewarding Field

Every child deserves a quality education from teachers who care not only about their current health and wellbeing, but also about their future. There remains a huge demand for qualified teachers who possess the range of skills critical to success both in and out of the classroom — as well as the passion and grit required to get them through a variety of professional challenges. Geneva's highly respected Department of Education equips aspiring leaders in the field of education with these essential skills and qualities, all while helping students live out their faith.

Why Education?

It's no secret that educators deal with a myriad of challenges. From long hours to uncooperative students and, yes, never-ending paperwork, it's a tough career path that carries its fair share of frustration. Despite this, many educators claim that they would not have it any other way. What is it about teaching that incites such passion and devotedness?

For many educators, it's all about a spirit of service. Teachers find great joy in giving back to their community. They also love witnessing the fruits of their efforts first-hand. Few career successes measure up to seeing students master tough material or grow more confident in their abilities.

Notoriously demanding and yet deeply rewarding, education can provide a sense of satisfaction with which few other fields can compete. Many educators are willing to put up with the daily struggles of their field in exchange for the knowledge that they are making a tangible difference in their community. They're happy to work long hours in the name of a cause in which they can believe: guiding and shaping a resilient and passionate new generation of kids and teens.

Career Opportunities in Education

For many aspiring educators, enrollment in the Department of Education leads to one desired outcome: becoming a teacher. While this may seem like a narrow career track, there is far more versatility in the teaching profession than many suspect. Students enrolled in the Education department may seek to work in public or private schools — and at the elementary, junior high, or high school level. Elementary school teachers often instruct their students in a range of topics, while those who work with older students typically specialize in a particular subject.

Although teaching is a popular career path among Department of Education graduates, a range of additional opportunities are also available. Many graduates, for example, work as career or academic counselors, providing valuable guidance as students determine which classes to take and how to apply for college. Others prefer administrative duties which help to keep schools secure and efficient — thereby ensuring that teachers can focus on teaching and not worry so much about other matters. With additional training, a variety of opportunities for advancement may be available; many teachers and other school employees desire to eventually work as vice principals, principals, or even superintendents.

Whether you intend to work as a teacher, administrator, or counselor, you can expect to find employment quickly. Although geographic variations exist, education remains a relatively stable field. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school teachers can expect a job outlook of 8 percent between 2016 and 2026 — slightly higher than the national average of 7 percent. Job opportunities may be even more promising for school and career counselors, who are expected to see an outlook of 13 percent in this timeframe. Across the field, there is a strong demand for skilled and passionate employees who desire to make a difference in their community.

How Geneva's Department of Education Can Prepare You for Your Professional Future

Quality training is absolutely essential if you are to succeed in the demanding field of education. In addition to gaining exposure to prominent theories of education, you'll need in-field practice to ensure your ability to apply newfound knowledge in a practical setting. The Department of Education provides a valuable head start, while also helping you live out your faith in your calling.

From the very beginning, students enrolled in Geneva's Department of Education are exposed to a variety of environments and situations. This helps aspiring teachers develop a range of skills critical to success in a demanding field. As students complete required coursework, they are increasingly exposed to real-world classroom environments — typically at local schools.

Student teaching is a core component of any education program — and it plays a key role in Geneva’s Department of Education. A wide variety of exciting student teaching opportunities are available; depending on your situation, you may be able to cement your teaching skills in a local public school, a private Christian school, or even abroad. Student teaching opportunities are available in China, South Korea, France, Spain, Australia, and many other countries.

Your hard work in the classroom could lead to impressive progress on an exciting and deeply fulfilling career track. It could all begin with enrolling in Geneva’s Department of Education. If you feel called to this field, don't hesitate to move forward with an academic program that can equip you with the varied skills you need to thrive as a teacher or other school employee. You'll quickly find that all the hard work is worthwhile as you're granted the opportunity to shape young minds and hearts in your community.

If you’d like to learn more about professions that enable you to serve wholeheartedly and faithfully in your life’s work or want to learn more about pursuing a Christ-centered education at Geneva, we’d love to chat with you. For more information on how the Geneva College can help you pursue your academic and career goals, please phone us at 855-979-5563 or email