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October 23, 2017

5 Ways to Impact Future Generations with Your Christian Faith and Higher Education Degree

Looking for a way to help spread God’s kingdom here on Earth? One that impacts the world today as well as future generations? How about training tomorrow’s leaders while helping to shape a higher education policy informed by Scripture?

The Master of Arts in Higher Education at Geneva College prepares you for rewarding roles in administration, student development, or campus ministry at colleges and universities as well as for leadership roles in nonprofit organizations and government agencies that shape national higher education policy.

Geneva’s biblically based program helps you develop beliefs, attitudes, and skills that reflect a professional identity rooted in Christian vocation. Here are five ways this helps you, in turn, inspire and serve future generations:

1 – Through Daily Interactions
Working as a higher education professional who’s firmly grounded in the Christian faith lets you advocate and model a holistic and compassionate approach to the students you interact with. Whether you decide to pursue a career in one of the campus administrative offices or work in an advisory capacity, you are in daily contact with young lives and enjoy the life-changing ability to empower them and help them discover their strengths.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a faster-than-average 9 percent growth in employment of postsecondary education administrators from 2014 to 2024. This is due to an expected increase in enrollments that provides Christians in higher education with an exciting opportunity to help position future generations for success.

2 – As a Facilitator
You help students develop true wisdom, not just gain knowledge. Because faith-based education addresses the whole person, not just academics, your supportive presence bears witness to the importance that a living faith plays in crafting a successful and fulfilling life. As you help young learners move beyond simply memorizing and learning to arrive at a place of true understanding, assimilation, and insight, you play a vital role in helping to develop the well-informed, emotionally resilient, and spiritually grounded leaders of tomorrow.
As Dr. Eddie G. Grigg writes: “Wisdom is an analytical, extrapolative, and discerning progression that calls on all previous levels of training, especially moral principles, and enables one to perceive and demonstrate understanding in areas where no previous understanding exists.”

3 – As a Mentor
You help students gain a deeper understanding of God’s sovereignty and omnipotence. You do this by calling on your experiences at Geneva College in which you were challenged to “consciously and deliberately strive to integrate faith in Christ with all aspects of learning and living,” trusting that the Bible is the perfect, inspired Word of God. Your program of study at a faith-based institution prepares you to forge deeper connections with the learners who cross your path and instill in them the same thirst for knowledge and hunger for Scriptural wisdom that you carry.

4 – By Example
You help convey the importance of good character and integrity. The personal codes of conduct you adhere to, combined with those stressed throughout all of Geneva’s curriculums and practices, will support the students that you go on to serve to develop their own moral and ethical compasses.
Your biblically based, Christ-centered education that placed as much emphasis on character development as it did on academic achievement provided you with the tools you need for a well-rounded, disciplined life. Now you’re in a position to pass that on to the young lives entrusted to you.

5 – By Modeling Leadership
Your principled leadership acts as an inspiring template. At the completion of your Master of Arts in Higher Education program, you’re able to skillfully “articulate the relevance and application of a Christian view of life to the study and practice of higher education.” As you embody the principles of integrity, courage, congruency, and morality in action, future generations are inspired by your shining example and feel called to reach for the high bar you set.

If you’d like to learn more about the biblically based, Christ-centered education at Geneva, we’d love to introduce you to our Masters in Higher Education program that features a curriculum grounded in the Reformed tradition of the Christian faith. For more information on how Geneva College can help you pursue your goals for a career in Higher Education, please phone us at 855-979-5563 or email web@geneva.edu.