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Program Spotlight
June 20, 2018

Five Strengths about Geneva’s New B.S. in Marketing

Geneva College has launched a stand-alone marketing program. Students can choose to major in marketing beginning in the fall of 2018. This program enables students to acquire skills in advertising and promotion, sales and sales management, consumer behavior, strategic marketing and market research, and public relations. As students learn these skills, they will better understand what marketing is and how to apply it in practical ways, answering questions and providing insight into target audiences, business computing, strategic management, and much more.

Here are five strengths of Geneva’s new marketing major and what it has to offer students.

Covers a wide range of marketing topics

Marketing is a diverse field—there are many topics and skills involved in the marketing process that must be understood and applied in order to be effective. One of the strengths of Geneva’s B.S. in marketing program is the diverse set of topics students will grow to understand and skills they will develop. These include digital marketing, international marketing, consumer behavior, advertising & promotion, entrepreneurship, persuasion, and many other crucial aspects of marketing that professionals need in today’s world in order to be effective.

Many career opportunities with a marketing degree

Trained marketing professionals are in high demand in many organizations, large and small. Marketing specialist jobs are plentiful and growing much faster than average. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated there are nearly 500,000 jobs for marketing specialists, and this occupation has a 19% annual growth rate. The growth is expected to continue through at least 2021.

Versatility in various business professions

Working in marketing means working in the center of a business. Marketers engage with a wide variety of internal and external professionals - customers, sales, operations and suppliers/vendors. The skills Geneva provides foster an intellectual agility in its students that allows them to not just interact with these colleagues and customers but to learn from them as well. A marketer begins to understand the business or organization as well as just about anybody. This can lead to opportunities in other positions in businesses outside of the marketing area. The liberal arts core of Geneva prepares students to excel in many areas by introducing them to numerous fields so that they are well-rounded and able to work in diverse environments. Marketing majors learn to think, write and speak well to consistently add value to their organizations in their life’s work. 

The need for marketing will never go away

There are many fields that are shrinking today, and technology is continuing to advance threatening the very existence of some of these fields. However, marketing is not suffering from this phenomenon; in fact, it is the opposite. It is essential that organizations create products and services to fill needs in the marketplace. Marketers will always help make the connection between providers and markets. Once products or services are available, they need to be marketed and promoted to appropriate target customers. Even as new technology is produced, new opportunities for marketing present themselves; technology itself must be aligned with market needs, marketed and promoted. Beyond that, new developments in technology such as new social media platforms and big data are creating opportunities for more efficienct and effective marketing. As the cycle of innovation continues, there will continue to be marketing jobs, as well as new ways to accomplish the goals of marketing.

Marketing from a Christian perspective

Christian higher education at Geneva starts with a foundation of truth found in the Holy Bible. For marketers, this objective truth is liberating because it provides both a way of living life in faith and with an ethical framework to help address some of the challenging aspects of advertising, promotion and working in complex, diverse organizations. Following a Christian standard in business dealings, in general, and in marketing, in particular, helps marketers build a career they can be proud of. Integrity is a key characteristic in the long-term success of anyone working in the markeplace. This foundation also creates a way of looking at life that benefits families, communities, churches and organizations of all types. 

To learn more about the Geneva College B.S. in Marketing program, contact the Admissions Office at | 800-847-8255.

- Andrew Domencic ‘19