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September 11, 2018

Geneva College and The Psalms

Geneva College student musical groups, the touring concert choir The Genevans and musical ministry New Song, feature a capella Psalm-singing, introducing audiences all over the world to the richness, beauty and blessings of Psalms to music.

Geneva College is an institution of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. This denomination traces its historical roots to the Reformation in Scotland and has been singing the Psalms in a capella faithfully since then. Geneva’s worldview acknowledges God’s relationship throughout His creation. Thus, a Geneva education emphasizes the connection between the Christian faith and every academic, athletic and student activity.

At Geneva, we believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God. It is the foundation of all that is right and good, and it is the standard that we follow. Whether we are talking about matters of science or ethics, sports or sexuality, God’s word is the truth on which we stand.

We also welcome all people to our campus – just as Jesus Christ welcomed all people to His table. We don’t have a litmus test to determine if incoming students believe as we believe, and so people of many denominations and doctrines come to study at Geneva. Our conversations are honest, frank and often eye opening. Many people tell us they came to a saving faith in Jesus, trusting in Him as their Lord and Savior, and grew spiritually during their time at the college.

We require that faculty and staff are professing Christians who support the mission and commitments of the college. We know that those who influence students the most are those whot each them in the classroom, guide their studies, have positions of authority, and nurture them inside and outside of the classroom. They all have a faith in the Lord, and care about the development of the students’ minds, hearts and spirits.

We also believe it’s important to join together to focus on the Lord in prayer, song and study of the Word, so weekly Chapel is required. While Geneva Chapel services are distinct from formal church-based worship, they reflect several key components of those services, including prayer, preaching, and the a cappella singing of the Psalms.

The Psalms are so important because they connect us uniquely and vitally to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus lived, sang, and fulfilled these Holy Spirit inspired songs in His praise of and service to God the Father. By singing the Psalms, as Geneva has done for over 170 years, we learn to think and live as He did, to be his disciples in this world as we look forward to His return. As we sing the Psalms, we hear the Savior’s heart, and our own hearts are made more like His.

Because the Psalms are all about Jesus, they have a unique ability to unite Christians of every background. Psalm singing has a rich history in a broad spectrum of churches ranging historically and internationally, and congregations today often draw from the Psalms in their praise music.

In our day, as societal pressures make it increasingly difficult to live for Christ, Christian leaders across the denominational spectrum and around the world are calling attention to the Psalms as a crucial means of knowing and praising God. Geneva’s Chapel services provide opportunity to participate in this leading of God’s Spirit as we engage His word, and the songs within it that have sustained and strengthened God’s people for thousands of years.