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April 8, 2016

How Can You Be a Better Leader?

Are you a leader? Many people believe being a leader is something you are either born to do or not. That’s not the case. In fact, even those who have a natural talent to lead others consistently need to work to improve those skills and enhance their ability to continuously lead in a positive and even Christian manner. What can you do to become a better leader?

Always lead by example

By far the most important step is to recognize the value of authenticity in leadership. If you are someone that says one thing and does the other, no one will follow you. Conversely, if you set the example, you likely don’t need to tell anyone to follow you. They will do so anyway and naturally. Whatever the rules are, follow them or, lead a positive and peaceful way of changing them.

Practice humility

The most successful leaders don’t brag. They do not boast. And, most importantly, they lead with humility. Don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong. At the same time, there’s no need to brag about your accomplishments. A leader shares the spotlight with his or her crew or team as well. If you are working in a group at college, don’t take credit for the presentation. Incorporate the names of those who did their part and helped you to excel. In the workplace, leaders thank and show appreciation to the team that helped accomplish the goal.

Communicate as a leader

  • Communicate thanks to customers, clients, employees, and teammates
  • Communicate goals clearly before the start of a project
  • State specific directions towards accomplishing those goals
  • Provide very specific feedback to those on the team on a regular basis
  • Handle mistakes and negative feedback in a positive manner

Communication goes both ways as well. This means that you also need to be willing to listen to those who have a concern or a need and take action to make that need valid.

Leaders don’t demand respect, but earn it

This can be a hard area for some people because they believe that, as the project manager or group leader, they automatically will have everyone’s attention and dedication. That’s not the case. Leaders earn it by doing their part, interacting, giving feedback, communicating and showing respect. This also takes time and that is something that some leaders become frustrated with initially. Your team project may only be a few days long, but during that time, you need to show enough leadership skills to earn respect that can last beyond the current project. 

Leaders work towards organization

The best leaders are always on the ball. They know what is due when and they are able to give others the information they need to complete the tasks as necessary. Leaders who are organized are better able to delegate tasks and manage their group rather than tackling individual tasks on their own. Even more importantly, organization can help to ensure the project goes well, every step of the way.

Are you a leader? Do you strive to improve your leadership skills every chance you get? Enrolling in a leadership development program at Geneva College can give you that extra support and guidance you need. Leadership is a quality employers are always looking for in candidates. Ensure you are doing your best to leave a legacy of leadership.