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November 12, 2018

Honoring Veterans of the Armed Forces

When we look to our waving red and white stripes on this day, November 11, we remember those who have given of their time and safety in service to this country. Today, we reflect on those courageous men and women who have completed their time of service in the Armed Forces. Veterans Day is the perfect day to stop, reflect and rejoice because of their tireless work. Our country honors them through parades and celebrations, while others remember loved ones who served and have passed on. One thing all of us can do is give God praise for providing mighty forces to guard and keep our freedoms.

Geneva College also seeks to honor those individuals who prioritize their service to our nation. The college has a history of supporting the armed forces. After World War II, the ranks of Geneva students swelled with returning soldiers getting their education, many the first in their families to go to college, with the help of the GI Bill. Geneva continues to be certified for the GI Bill and invites veterans to explore a Christ-centered college education. 

Among our Core Values, Geneva seeks to Honor One Another through faithful living and working alongside our fellow neighbors. For our veterans, reflecting on their service and thanking them for their sacrifices on this day is just one way we may serve those who have so faithfully served us.

This core value is a practical life mission we seek to live out through honoring our veterans. One way Geneva respects those individuals is through offering an affordable, high quality education to those who have completed their time or are still fighting in service. To discover more about the ways Geneva works with veterans to help them receive more affordable education, visit Geneva’s Military Benefits page. There, veterans will find direction for applying for benefits through the VA at https://gibill.va.gov.

Veterans Day, in existence now for over 60 years, is an important and valued holiday at Geneva College. So today, we thank you, veterans. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed, and we rejoice and give thanks for the service you do that enables us to live in freedom.

To learn more about a Christ-centered education at Geneva College (Pro Christo et Patria - For Christ and Country), contact Admissions: 800-847-8225 | admissions@geneva.edu.   

- Emily Walker '20