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Geneva’s Poteete Joins Cyberspace Camp at the Kennedy Space Center

Picture of Geneva’s Poteete Joins Cyberspace Camp at the Kennedy Space Center

Cybersecurity experts teach “Rocket Girls,” inspired by pioneering women in cyber and space fields

(BEAVER FALLS, Pa.) – Geneva computer science professor Paul Poteete joined a group of international cybersecurity professionals on the launch team of the inaugural “Rocket Girls” CyberSpace Camp at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 27-28, 2018. Poteete helped prepare campers for leadership roles in cybersecurity and space exploration.

CyberSpace Camp, sponsored with support from the National Security Agency and, is inspired by pioneering women in cyber and space like NASA scientist Katherine Johnson, who was featured in the book and movie “Hidden Figures.” The camp’s mission is to empower, motivate, educate and change the perception of women and girls in cybersecurity fields through hands-on and team activities.

Kennedy Space Center, home of "Rocket Girls" Cyberspace CampPoteete says, “It’s an honor to be associated with the mission of CyberSpace Camp to help young women pursue dreams of a career in cybersecurity, which currently has majority male representation. Teaching in the home of the amazing accomplishments of the U.S. Space Program at the Kennedy Space Center alongside a number of international experts in the field is a meaningful experience for me and one I’ll be happy to share with my Geneva cybersecurity students.”

The two-day “Rocket Girls” Cyberspace Camp was held at the Astronaut Memorial Foundation Education Complex and helped junior and senior high girls develop practical skills ranging from Smartphone Security to Online Research and establish an ethical basis for good citizenship in online behavior.

Poteete was invited to participate by The Global Institute for Cybersecurity Research and Global Situational Awareness Center. Along with mentoring responsibilities, he gave several presentations, including Dark Networks, Hacking Culture, More Battlefield than Business and Cybersecurity Careers, and notes the conference highlighted a crucial need in the world today that Geneva’s Cybersecurity program helps to meet.

Kennedy Space Center“The need for ethics and morality in a dark world of cybercrime and espionage is strong. Having a Biblical foundation for morality and personal ethics provides the foundation, and individual personality traits provide the categories to which job options should be matched,” Poteete says.

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Aug 7, 2018