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Degrees and Requirements

Degrees and Requirements

Geneva College Pittsburgh Campus at the Center for Urban Biblical Ministry (CUBM) was born out of a need to provide formal education and credential for church ministers and lay leaders in 1988. For over 30 years, Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, has shared a vision with CUBM for providing higher education programs to the urban population of Pittsburgh to meet this need.

Bachelor of Professional Studies (B.P.S.) in Community Leadership

Offered in an accelerated format, the four-year bachelor’s degree program in Community Leadership is designed for busy adults living and working in the city of Pittsburgh. The program enables students to increase opportunities in ministry and as community leaders, become effective communicators, and understand the cultural issues within the community. Administrators, instructors, and support staff have created an environment in which previous experience is celebrated and shared. High levels of support help students balance family, work and other commitments as they complete their degree. Students will earn an associate degree after completing the first two years and can apply to complete the bachelor’s degree in the next two years.
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Associate of Arts (A.) in Christian Ministry

Many believers enter into ministry without formal training or biblical studies background. The associate degree in Christian Ministry equips students with basic biblical and academic skills to heighten their ability to serve or work in local churches or organizations.

Program Requirements Worksheet (download pdf)

Associate of Science (A.S.) in Human Services

Many organizations and individuals attempt to address the multitude of needs in communities. This program focuses on the relationship of human needs and values to the social conditions. Students develop effective communication skills as well as knowledge to understand and contribute effectively to the development and maintenance of healthy communities, groups and individuals.
Program Requirements Worksheet (download pdf)

Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Leadership

This program will equip the interested student for leadership and further studies in the 21st century and assist each student in developing a relevant, working leadership philosophy that each student can apply to any future leadership position, secular or faith-based.
Program Requirements Worksheet (download pdf)

Many graduates of Geneva College Pittsburgh Campus go on to Geneva’s Adult Degree Program (ADP) or graduate programs. Each of our associate degrees will prepare students for any of the majors currently offered in ADP or any other four-year college program. Students completing our bachelor’s degree may consider applying for Geneva’s graduate programs in Business Administration (MBA), Counseling, Cybersecurity, Higher Education or Leadership Studies.  

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