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Criminal Justice

Develop an understanding of justice from a social and spiritual point of view and prepare for work in the field

The world is broken and needs a savior. By learning about human psychology and America’s justice system, Geneva criminal justice students seek to help the hurting, bind up wounds, and share the light of Jesus with the tools of restorative justice. At Geneva, our criminal justice degree applies Christ’s example of forgiveness, integrity, compassion, and redemption to the issues within our world today.

Geneva prepares you to make a meaningful impact in your career, community and life.

Real-World Internships

Intern with local law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.

Experienced Faculty

with extensive professional field experience

Mock Crime Scenes

Learn by doing by participating in mock crime scene experience on campus

Multidisciplinary Program

Gain strength from learning concepts in criminal justice, political science, psychology, sociology, and social services

Key Courses

Investigations and Procedures

Explore the basic concepts of criminal law, how to perform investigations, and evidence and examinations of crimes

Restorative Justice

Discover an alternative way of administering justice involving the victim, the community, and the offender in a restoration process.

Criminal Law

Learn the basic concepts of criminal law both in common law and by statute.

21st Century Policing

Get introduced to the development of police organizations in America, from police roles and tasks to subcultures and the stresses of modern police work.

Experienced & Accomplished Faculty

The mission of the Department of Psychology and Social Services is to provide a learning environment that encourages and challenges students to master the content and skills needed to work with and to serve a diverse community of people in a variety of settings.

This is achieved by integrating and assessing the discipline of criminal justice with a biblical worldview so students are prepared to enter in their field and uphold their Christian values.

The learning objectives for criminal justice majors are: 

  1. Students will express a thorough knowledge of how the criminal justice system works in America and be able to describe contemporary practices.
  2. Students will describe the impact of crime and law on society and the concept of justice from varying points of view and from a Christian worldview.
  3. Students will understand the legal concepts and terminology of substantive areas of criminal justice.
  4. Students will have a clear understanding of calling and vocation for themselves and have a plan for pursuing their calling.

Career Outcomes

Graduates who aspire to have an impact in their communities and their careers through a Geneva Education gain expertise in this field enhanced by academics rooted in Christian values and ethics in Geneva’s program.


of police departments offer a salary incentive for having a 4-year degree (Police Foundation, 2017)


It's estimated that only half of police officers have a bachelor’s-- your degree will help you stand out from the rest

“As a Christian in law enforcement, I was able to show people that they could live a fruitful life if they took the needed steps. People can grab onto real hope when we offer it. It's very special that at Geneva, we're able to teach a Christ-centered redemptive approach that can make a vast difference when it comes to criminal justice.” - Dr. Millie Johnson, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Be prepared for careers such as...

  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Community Corrections/Probation and Parole Officer
  • Federal Agent
  • Park Ranger
  • Victims Advocate

Further your impact...

  • Work within the justice system as a paralegal
  • Serve in government agencies like the FBI or CIA
  • Pursue a master’s in behavioral science, criminal administration, and criminology

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BS Major • Minor

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