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June 17, 2020

10 Ways College Students Can Put Some Sizzle in Summer Vacation

Congrats on completing another academic year! Now it’s time to relax into some much-needed and well-deserved downtime.

See if you can strike a healthy balance this summer between challenges and indulgences. Choose activities intentionally designed to keep your mind stimulated while providing your body and spirit with the refreshing, rejuvenating R&R they need. Add a few of the following 10 activities to your summer vacation calendar.

  1. Read three classic books.
    Just because you’re not taking summer courses doesn’t mean it’s smart to give your brain a break. If you’ve yet to read Thoreau, why not join him on Walden Pond this summer? "Animal Farm," "Catcher in the Rye," and "Brave New World" never lose their relevance.

  2. Volunteer your time to help those in need.
    Food banks in the United States are facing unprecedented demands. Hunger-relief organizations are scrambling to meet the needs of families experiencing joblessness, financial stress, and a disruption in the delivery of children’s school lunches. Many of the volunteers you typically find helping at community food banks are retired or older adults, but the coronavirus has made it necessary for them to take extra precautions and stay home.

    As a younger, healthy person, you can be of great benefit to organizations in your community that are hurting for volunteers. Ask the local animal rescue organizations if there’s a role you can play. Even though many are closed to the public, the animals in their care still need daily walks, brushing, fostering, and loving social interaction with humans.

  3. Get a daily dose of vitamin D.
    Essential vitamin D benefits your body in many important ways, including keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. And letting the sun shine on your bare skin for just 15 minutes if you’re fair-skinned and two hours if you’ve got a darker complexion can provide you with all the vitamin D you need in a day.

  4. Take up a new sport.
    If your daily jog is feeling a bit repetitive and stale, find a new form of exercise you enjoy. Solo athletic pursuits might include swimming, kayaking, and hiking. If you’re craving community, check out the summer sports leagues going on at your local recreational department. Maybe now is the perfect time to take those golf or tennis lessons you’ve always wanted to pursue.

  5. Be a tourist in your own town.
    Observe the area surrounding your home with fresh eyes. Pretend you’ve never visited before. What would you want to see if you’d just arrived? Check out the historical landmarks, partake of the cultural offerings like museums and concerts, and be sure to sample the food at all of the raved-about trendy restaurants and classic roadside dives.

  6. Become a global citizen.
    Pick a country you’ve always wanted to visit and take a deep dive into its culture. Research it online, read books, and learn the language. The lockdowns won’t last forever, so set a goal to visit this exotic locale by a specific date, and then plan your daily travel itinerary down to the last hour.

  7. Create your own film studies course.
    Much like reading classic books you’ve never gotten around to, watching movies from decades past can be an inspiring way to spend your summer hours. If “Bogie, Bacall, and Bergman” are just names to you, check out "The Big Sleep" and "Casablanca." "Lawrence of Arabia," "Gone With the Wind," and "The Wizard of Oz" can transport you to magical destinations while you stay comfortably spread out on your couch.

  8. Uplevel your culinary skills.
    If your idea of cooking during the school year is limited to hitting the microwave keypad, savor your newfound free time by playing with recipes. Maybe you’d like to learn how to cook Indian or French cuisine. Perhaps a healthier diet has been calling to you, but you’ve never had time to experiment in the kitchen and grocery shop in a leisurely way. You’re sure to eat better next term if you invest some time into honing your cooking chops over the summer.

  9. Focus on quality time with friends and family.
    The people who know and love you the most surely miss seeing you during the school year. Leave room in your summer activities calendar for virtual, or if restrictions allow it, face-to-face bonding and sharing with those you hold close.

  10. Spend more time in prayer and reflection.
    Now that your schedule is your own, there’s no excuse for skimping on quality time with God, either. Maybe you’d like to take your Bible or a new daily devotional book into the backyard for a personalized sunrise service. If you connect best in nature, set aside a few hours every Sunday afternoon for an excursion that lets you peacefully restore your soul by a lake, ocean, or mountain trail.
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