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April 17, 2019

Easter Reflections: How to Honor Christ Throughout the Year

There's plenty to love about eggs, bunnies and chocolates, but Easter Sunday holds a much deeper meaning. Yes, this highly anticipated holiday offers an opportunity to gather with family, but it can be so much more. On Easter, we remember the love Christ showed mankind when he gave the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. He is risen from the dead, so we truly have reason to celebrate!

While this special day offers a valuable reminder and reason to celebrate, it should by no means be the only day on which we show our gratitude. After all, this holiday regularly changes dates in our modern calendar, reminding us that the essence of Easter is not exclusive to one single day. Below, we explain why the spirit of Easter is worth celebrating year-round — and we offer tips for incorporating the holiday's message into your daily life.

Finding Meaning Beyond Easter Day

The resurrection story can be told throughout the year, for it is always imbued with a deeper meaning. This story forms the essence of our faith; we know that, in Christ, death can be defeated and give way to everlasting life. By remembering this throughout the year, we can find relief from the burden of sin as well as greater joy in the blessings of everyday life. Christ's resurrection gives us a reason to live not only for today, but to sustain hope in our future, no matter how difficult the circumstances we currently face.

How We Can Honor Christ's Sacrifice Every Day

While Easter calls our attention to Christ's remarkable sacrifice, we should never lose sight of His willingness to give His life for our sake. While it is important to honor Him on Easter, our efforts should continue throughout the year. We can do so by regularly reading the Bible, gathering with other Christians for fellowship and showing gratitude for the myriad of blessings in our lives. Top examples of paying homage to — and building a stronger relationship with — Christ include the following:

  •      Show compassion and grace for others, just as Jesus has done for us.

He loves us even though we continue to sin — and through His love, we are transformed. While it's impossible for any mere human to achieve this level of unconditional love, we can do our best to emulate His example, even when this proves challenging.

  •      Commit to regular prayer.

Think of Easter as your faith-based New Year's resolution. This is your opportunity to fully embrace the power of prayer. Strive to incorporate prayer into your daily life. Short prayers throughout the day will keep you grounded in your faith as you establish a closer connection with God.

  •      Read relevant Bible passages.

The story of Christ's triumph should play a central role in your biblical study and reflections throughout the year. Not sure where to start? Check out Luke 24:1-8, John 21: 13-17 and Mark 16:1-8. If you feel inspired, take notes in the margins of your Bible or record your reflections in a dedicated journal.

  •      Continue to testify.

In addition to rereading passages about Christ's resurrection, take time to examine verses about the apostles' ongoing efforts to spread the word about this miracle. Let passages such as Acts 4:33 inspire you: "With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God's grace was so powerfully at work in them all."

  •      Attend church or participate in a Bible study group.

How much time do you set aside for fellowship? Unfortunately, some people who think of themselves as Christian only bother to show up at church for Easter Sunday and Christmas. Easter should not serve as a minimum threshold. You will find far greater benefit in gathering with fellow Christians on a regular basis. Traditions such as communion provide a powerful reminder of Easter's message, long after we've forgotten. Participation in an organized Bible study group can also prove beneficial, particularly if you read passages related to Christ's rising.

  •      Remember the hope and renewal of Christ's promise after spring has given way to summer.

Spring lends itself to a greater consciousness of the idea of Easter. During this season, we are surrounded by new beginnings and a fresh sense of optimism. As time goes by, however, that begins to give way to a less conscious way of life, and eventually, cynicism. To celebrate Easter year-round is to keep the hope of that special day alive, even as the seasons change.

This Easter, go beyond the eggs and candy to find a deeper, more meaningful experience. You can find great hope and fulfillment in Christ's remarkable feats on Easter Sunday and throughout the year.

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