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July 19, 2018

Geneva's Nursing Program: Preparing for a Rewarding Career as a Registered Nurse


Nursing is a notoriously challenging, yet rewarding, field. Hardworking nurses spend their days doing what they love most: caring for others. This care encompasses more than clinical duties, although, of course, evidence-based physical care is a key component of the job. However, nurses also serve as a source of emotional and spiritual healing.

While many levels of nursing exist within the medical field, most people picture RNs when they think of nurses. This versatile role encompasses several areas of care, such as assessing and observing patients, administering treatment, and educating patients on prevention and condition management.

Nursing at Geneva

Geneva College's nursing program integrates contemporary medical research and practices with a Christ-centered worldview — all within the context of a liberal arts education. In cooperation with the Community College of Beaver County, this unique nursing program allows students to earn both their Associate in Nursing degree and their Bachelor of Science in Nursing simultaneously.

What Is a 1-2-1 Program?

The nursing program involves a unique 1-2-1 format. Students spend their first and fourth years on Geneva’s campus where they complete traditional classroom-based coursework and earn credits towards their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

During the second and third years of Geneva's 1-2-1 nursing program, students complete clinicals at the nearby Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) while continuing to live at the Geneva campus. The credits they earn at CCBC go towards their Associate in Nursing. By the time they complete the program, students will have earned both the associate and bachelor's degrees.

Program Outcomes

The dual nursing programs at Geneva and CCBC aim to develop knowledgeable, empathetic and service-oriented nurses. Upon graduation, nursing students should be able to:

  • Provide safe and competent care for their patients.
  • Uphold professional standards and ethics.
  • Translate theoretical knowledge and research practices into effective, evidence-based care.
  • Apply preventative principles in caring for individuals, families and communities.

Upon completing the ADN program at CCBC, students will be thoroughly prepared to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination's RN exam (NCLEX-RN). In 2017, CCBC achieved a pass rate of 96 percent — compared to just 87 percent statewide.

Career Outlook for BSN Graduates

This is a wonderful time to enter the health care field. Cutting-edge research promises to solve a myriad of medical issues once thought incurable. Nurses stand on the front line in this effort, translating research into evidence-based care.

Nursing has long been viewed as a top choice for those who desire a stable career in health care. Currently, registered nurses enjoy exceptional employment potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights a job outlook of 15 percent growth between 2016 and 2026. Experts believe that 438,100 new jobs will become available during this period. Nurses don't simply enjoy low unemployment; most are paid well for their hard work. In 2017, RNs earned a median annual income of $70,000.

While it's possible to become a registered nurse without a bachelor's degree, four-year credentials greatly improve both employability and earning potential. Equipped with their BSN, nurses command higher salaries and often can be choosier about the specialty in which they work.

Interested in living out your passion as a registered nurse? Then you're the perfect candidate for Geneva’s and CCBC's 1-2-1 nursing program.

If you’d like to learn more about professions that enable you to serve wholeheartedly and faithfully in your life’s work or want to learn more about a biblically based, Christ-centered education at Geneva, we’d love to chat with you. For more information on how Geneva College can help you pursue your education goals, please phone us at 855-979-5563 or email