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Geneva College and Partners Awarded Grant from the Beaver County Environmental Mitigation Community Fund

Picture of Geneva College and Partners Awarded Grant from the Beaver County Environmental Mitigation Community Fund

Beaver Falls, PA - Geneva College in partnership with the Beaver Falls Community Development Corporation (CDC) and the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority (BFMA) has been awarded $288,010.54 from the Beaver County Environmental Mitigation Community Fund to install water-quality monitoring stations in the Beaver River to continuously assess key water metrics and improve response time to water quality issues by improving BFMA’s access to laboratory testing.

Under the agreement with Shell, the Shapiro Administration secured nearly $10 million for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the local community – including $5 million for projects to benefit Pennsylvanians living in Beaver County. The Beaver County Environmental Mitigation Community Fund advisory board held community meetings and brought residents to the table to ensure funding will benefit Beaver County in a meaningful way.

Governor Josh Shapiro says, “These projects – selected by the people of Beaver – will help make Beaver County an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Geneva College applied for a grant along with the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority and Beaver Falls Community Development Corporation. Together, they requested funding for a project to improve the monitoring of the Beaver River's water quality, the sole source of water for BFMA customers. This project involves BFMA installing two water monitoring stations in the river, and Geneva College purchasing equipment to test for select harmful substances in the laboratory. Currently, BFMA has no way to test for certain harmful compounds without outsourcing to a third-party laboratory which causes a delay in their ability to respond quickly to problems in water quality. Therefore, the water monitoring stations can give advance warning of water quality issues, and the laboratory instruments will provide accurate results for tiny levels of contaminants. The improved monitoring of the Beaver River and increased capacity for quality testing will ensure that BFMA's 50,000 Beaver County customers have access to safe and healthy drinking water.

“This project will provide Beaver County with a high-quality instrument to detect targeted water-borne contaminants while giving students at Geneva College real-world laboratory experience,” said Professor Rodney Austin, Chair, Department of Chemistry, Math, and Physics, Geneva College, PhD.


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Jun 5, 2024

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