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February 21, 2022

Four Reasons Non-music Majors Should Consider Joining a Musical Group at Geneva

College campuses are full of talent. Head over to an Open Mic Night and you are guaranteed to hear amazing music performed by someone unexpected. Here at Geneva College, there are five quality organized groups for musicians to join.

For the vocally talented, you have the option to sing with The Genevans and New Song, ensemble choirs, as well as Eight Bells, a men’s choir, and Grace Notes, a women’s ensemble. Instrumentalists can join our Symphonic Band or our Marching Band. Those with more time restrictions can play in the pit orchestra for our Theatre Program or perform musicals. The Center for Student Engagement offers MGN (My Generation Night), where campus bands have the chance to perform with professional audio and lighting for the entire student body.

Now that you know the opportunities for musically inclined students, here are 4 reasons that non-music majors should join one of these groups.

  1. The professional benefits of musicianship are well documented.

I played in a band for several years, and one of the ways that it challenged me was the corporate aspect. I played piano for years before I joined the Jazz Band, but I still found it very difficult to go from solo work to cooperative work. When it comes to the workforce, the most sought-after job skill is teamwork. Whether in choir, band, or theatre, teamwork is essential for good performances. On top of being highly practical, musicianship one of the most enjoyable ways to practice job skills.

  1. Collegiate musicians have greater resources.

For those who are wondering what a college group can offer beyond a good high-school musical experience, I have one simple answer. College bands have more time, resources, and energy than a majority of high-school programs. The Genevans Choir is an excellent example. The Genevans Choir goes on tour every year. Most years they spend the two weeks of tour traveling throughout the continental United States, performing at churches along the way. Every four years, the choir goes international. In the past, the International Tour went to England, Germany, Poland, and France. These trips incorporate all of the greatest parts of singing in a choir with all of the benefits of travel. I highly recommend the touring experience that the greater resources of a college can provide.

  1. Musicianship is positively associated with mental health

Those who played an instrument or sang in a choir in high school remember the links our teachers told us about between musicians and high scores on the SAT. It turns out that not just intelligence is linked with musicianship. Peer-reviewed science supports the treatment of depression, anxiety, and even schizophrenia. It is worth noting that professional musicians do often suffer from mental health issues; but playing music in a collegiate atmosphere is entirely different. Non-music majors can engage with and enjoy high-quality music while not feeling the pressure and tension of professional musicians.

  1. Music is reason enough for itself

I sing for the Genevans Choir. Sometimes, I think to myself that what I’m doing is very strange. I spend four hours a week standing in a room singing with 40 random people. To those who are unfamiliar with choir, it must seem even stranger. Our performances are the perfect justification. Geneva College is a Christian college, and our choir sings religious pieces. The ability to worship God with 40 brothers and sisters in Christ is, quite literally, out of this world. Every time we sing, we experience a small taste of heaven.

Your musical experience does not have to end in high school. Come sing, play, travel, and worship together. You will not regret it.

To learn more about music majors or music ensembles, visit or contact Admissions at 800-847-8255 or


-Byron Spear '23