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April 20, 2016

Making the Most of Summer Break

With summer break quickly approaching, one question is going through college students’ heads, “What should we do with our summer break?” Choosing between working full-time, getting an internship and staying super busy, or watching Netflix all summer can be a tough decision. What I have come to find is that there is a balance. When you are in college, summer provides a couple months to catch up on some important areas in your life that tend to get neglected when you are in school. Here are five things college students do this summer without becoming overwhelmed:

1. Catch up on sleep

Sleep is so important. Sleep is also something that is sometimes hard to come by when school is in session. It should be something we make a priority during the semester, but often we don’t. Rest is an essential part to living to our best potential. So this summer, don’t stretch yourself too thin. Part of making the most of your summer break is taking care of your body by resting and sleeping; something you haven’t gotten to do in a while.

2. Catch up on chores

This one is not as fun as sleeping, but is also very important. We all have those to do lists that have nothing to do with school, but still need done. It is hard to fit in extra things during the school year. So in your free time this summer, seize the opportunity to get all of your errands out of the way so that you are prepared for the upcoming school year. When August rolls around, all you will have to focus on is school (and clubs, work, sports, friends, and so on).

3. Catch up on opportunities

Having an internship, job or taking advantage of service opportunities are things a lot of us do not as much time to do as we would like during the semester. Summer is a great time to have a part-time job and make some extra money, take a part in an internship to get some experience, or serve at your church or a local organization. There are so many opportunities that we often have to miss due to lack of time. So this summer, don’t let those opportunities get away from you.

4. Catch up on people

Catching up on people is so, so important. We see our friends at school all the time. But what about friends at home? What about people at work? Or even your family? Take some time this summer to invest in the relationships you have. With homework piled up we don’t always have time to spend three hours on the phone talking to our grandmothers. This summer take some time to go out to coffee with that friend, go visit the people you used to work with, take your little sister out on a date, call your grandparents and spend time with your parents. Quality time with people we care about is something that is of short supply during the semester, so don’t forget to slot them some time.

5. Catch up on God

This final step is by far the most important. Now, I am by no means saying that we should ignore God during the semester and then “catch up on God” when we have time. Unfortunately, we sometimes let our busy schedules push God out, which may mean going to church less often, not praying as much less, or not reading our Bibles daily. Don’t repeat this pattern during the summer. Go for a hike, bring your Bible and spend some alone time with God. Set up a daily devotional. Start a prayer journal. Set up habits for being with God that translate into keeping those habits even when you are in school and busy. Set reminders on your phone, or do whatever works for you. Then, when school starts again, you can continue to grow in your spiritual walk with Him.

Kelsey Robinson–Kelsey Robinson ’18

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