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October 4, 2019

Taking the First Steps with Closing the Gap

Will I do well in college? What is college really like? How can I know what to expect? These questions and many more may run through your head as you think about future plans. Future college information can seem stressful, new and intimidating.

What if I told you there was a way to get a taste of the college experience while also receiving four real college credits? What if I told you that there was an easy way to baby step your way into understanding the college experience without actually attending college? With this tempting offer before us, I am pleased to announce that I have the answer; it is called the Closing the Gap program.

Closing the Gap is a yearlong program designed to help prepare high school juniors and seniors for the college experience ahead. Students work with college faculty, campus ministry staff, college students and mentors over the course of seven months to develop the skills necessary to thrive in college. The Closing the Gap program is an early college program for high school students. This program offers many services including a boost of four credits towards your real college career. The cost for this program has been cut down a total of over $3000, leveling the cost at only $300. This total sum includes the books, two retreats and six college classes. Additionally, there are scholarships available. This early college program is a financially feasible way to earn some college credits as well as gain some great experience.

Closing the Gap is also a great avenue for learning how to take notes, read course material, write reflections and build relationships. While many may know a few of these skills, this course gives the student the opportunity to experience it in a college setting. The lectures given in this course cover a wide range of current issues and topics. The topic material not only strengthens the student’s reading abilities but builds an understanding of college life. Through this course, the students will grow and learn together, forming a sense of community.

The professors, leading the course discussions, not only care about the work they are given but they also care for the students who are participating in the Closing the Gap program. Whether needing advice on the readings, trying to understand the writing assignments or even having personal worries, the students know the professors will lovingly guide and help them in whatever way they can. 

Whether worried about future college classes or wondering how you’ll make friends, the Closing the Gap program is made to help. For some, their favorite part may be the accumulated four college credits. Some may cherish the close-knit community that forms throughout the year. For others, it may be the experience in listening to the lectures, reading the material or completing writing assignments. No matter what, each individual student has the opportunity to open their eyes and grab hold of a world of experiences found here. The opportunity is there, all you have to do is take that first step in early college understanding and reap the benefits that the Closing the Gap program has to offer.

The registration deadline this year is October 11, and the program starts October 19. Interested students can apply online or learn more at Geneva.edu/admissions/closing_the_gap.

-Abigail Forton ‘23