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7 Great Reasons to Earn Your Master's Degree Online

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A master’s degree allows you to advance your career, expand your knowledge, and develop skills. While in-person classes are the traditional way to earn this degree, online programs are also available. How is online school different than in-person school? With an online graduate degree program, you can earn your master’s degree from the comfort of home. Choosing an online school for your advanced degree offers other important advantages, as well. Keep the following in mind when deciding between in-person and online master’s degree programs.

  1. You Can Study Anywhere You Want

While online school gives you a chance to stay home and earn your degree, you can study in any location. If you’ll be traveling, you can still keep up with your schoolwork while you’re away from home. If you work, you can study during lunches and breaks. Being in an online program also means you can head to a local cafe, park, or other location to focus on your studies if you want to get out of the house for a bit.

Being able to study from anywhere you want is a big advantage when you do an online program. This makes it easier for you to do assignments and projects or study for exams in whichever location is most convenient for you at different times.

  1. More Control Over Your Schedule

Online master’s degree programs provide you with better control over your schedule. With in-person learning, you would be expected to attend classes at specific times, which might be hard to do if you have other responsibilities, such as work or family. In fact, having to juggle in-person school and work might prevent you from being able to earn your degree at all.

With an online degree program that offers asynchronous learning, you don’t have to worry about running into conflicts between your school and work or personal schedules. You can watch lectures at a time that’s convenient for you and work on assignments when you’re able, such as after work or on the weekends. This flexibility can make it possible for you to earn your master’s degree and work or handle other responsibilities.

  1. You Can Work and Even Advance Your Career While Pursuing a Master’s Degree

Working full-time shouldn’t stop you from being able to earn an advanced degree. While you might not be able to choose in-person learning due to scheduling problems, you can easily earn your master’s degree through an online program and continue to work. With an online program, you don’t have to quit working to focus on school, which could lead to a career setback. Instead, you can keep working throughout your degree program.

Being able to keep your job and do online learning offers a great way to stay up to date in your field through work experience and your education. Once you have your master’s degree, you’ll also be in a better position to move up in your career. Rather than having to look for a new job after graduating, you can check for advancement opportunities at your company.

  1. Online Is More Affordable

If you’re trying to keep the cost of higher education down or if college costs are making you think twice about pursuing your master’s degree, consider online learning. An online school is typically more affordable than in-person schools. Online schools can offer less expensive graduate degree programs since they do not need to spend as much on resources for on-campus learning.

When you choose an online program for your master’s degree, you’ll have virtual classes to attend and online materials to learn from. This means you won’t be spending significant money on textbooks each semester as you would with in-person schools. You might also have access to other ways to lower college costs, such as employee programs that offer reimbursement for education costs as long as it’s related to your job or field. Check with your employer to see if your company offers this type of program.

  1. Increased Networking Opportunities

Networking can bring notable career opportunities your way. You may be able to network at work, but these opportunities might be limited depending on your position. When you choose an online degree program, you’ll have additional opportunities for networking with professionals in your industry or field. This can open up new career opportunities for you to explore while earning your master’s degree.

During your online program, you can network with instructors in your field or industry. You can also check with your school to see if any networking events are offered to students, such as conferences or internships. Whether these opportunities are in person or virtual, you’ll have a chance to meet professionals and learn more about working in your field.

  1. No Longer Have a Daily Commute

One of the perks of choosing an online master’s degree program is that you don’t have to put up with a daily commute anymore. Driving or taking public transportation to and from college can leave you with less time for studying and doing assignments. Daily commutes also give you less time to focus on family and other aspects of your life when you attend school in person. Having to deal with a daily commute can also add stress to your everyday life, which could affect your studies.

Instead of having to commute back and forth to school, you can watch virtual classes from home. Since you won’t have a commute taking up a considerable chunk of your day, you can use that extra time to focus on your studies and prepare for exams.

  1. Learn at Your Own Pace

Being in an in-person school means you’re expected to keep up with the pace your instructors set for learning. If you miss a class or fall behind, getting caught up can be difficult, especially if you need extra time to understand certain material. This can be stressful and lead to frustration, which could cause you to give up on earning your degree.

With an online master’s degree program, you can learn at your own pace. You can watch online classes and go back through sections as needed to understand concepts better. You can also work on assignments and projects at your own pace as long as you have them completed by their due date.

With more and more graduate programs available online, finding an online school for earning your master’s degree is easy, finding the right online school is essential. Contact Geneva College today to learn more about our online degree programs. We offer many graduate programs, including Master of Business Administration, MA in Counseling, MS in Leadership Studies, and MS in Cybersecurity.

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Jan 21, 2022