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September 22, 2022

Benefits of L&T Class

What is L&T?

Learning and Transition (L&T) is a unique course at Geneva required by all incoming students. The course description is listed as: ‘information and experiences designed to aid students in their intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual growth. The class should especially help facilitate the transition from high school or work to college, thus promoting success in college.”

Geneva understands that transitioning into college can be difficult for some students, thus they provide this beneficial course so students can transition as smoothly as possible knowing that they have others supporting them all around.. Below are the top three benefits of L&T.

1.  Opportunity to Meet People

Leaving high school and attending college can be scary, even lonesome, and many students enter with a fear of not meeting people right away; however, L&T gives students the opportunity to make friends and meet new people as soon as their semester starts.

When you first walk into your L&T classroom, it will not take long for you to realize that you are in a room with people who have the same major as you, maybe they are a transfer student like you, or maybe they are also part of the Honors Program just like you. That is no mistake.

Geneva intentionally groups students into classes based on their majors, transfer status, and Honors Program enrollment. Grouping students this way creates an environment that is easier to cultivate friendships by starting with similarities. The people students meet in their L&T class people they will be sharing classes and community with all their years at Geneva. Creating community from the start sets students up for success in college and beyond.

2.  Opportunity to Receive Mentorship

Along with the opportunity of making friends with people with common interests as you, L&T also provides mentorship to their students. Each L&T class also has upperclassmen serving as mentors to the students. Your mentors will serve you and be there for you as much as they possibly can. They want to see you succeed and will not hesitate to provide you with tips, advice, a listening ear, and support whenever and wherever you may need it. College can be a steep learning curve, and having someone a couple of years ahead of you investing in you can make all the difference.

3.  Opportunity to Know Who, What, and Where Your Resources Are

Geneva values academic excellence and purposeful learning. While you are in your L&T classroom, your professor may bring one of our librarians in to show you how to find academic journals through the library database and walk through how to navigate the library page on myGeneva; these are skills all students of every major will need to use in their academic career at Geneva.

You will also be informed about different learning opportunities that Geneva provides for students such as The Writing Center or our free tutoring service, along with how you can access all available resources when you need them.

Overall, L&T enhances a student’s experience at Geneva by developing community, establishing a mentorship, and introducing the who, what, and where for resources so you can ensure your time at Geneva is a success. We want all students to understand all they were created to be and to do; these tools help accomplish that. Having a group of people come alongside you to figure out campus and college life will make your transition smooth, fulfilling, and purposeful.

Finally, L&T is a framework for other core curriculum classes that students are required to take that teach Christian worldview, community, Geneva’s mission, our values,andbeliefs.

Geneva is so happy you are here; you were made for this.


-Ariel Reece '23