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November 5, 2018

Thinking of Changing Your Major?

Typically, there are two kinds of college freshmen: those who enter their first year full of confidence, knowing exactly what major they wish to study, and those who enter with more uncertainty, unsure what path they wish to take.

However, there are still others who may not fit in either box. Some may begin their college career thinking they know what they want to do with their life, and then realizing, half way through their academic degree, their major no longer fills them with the same sense of excitement or purpose. Such realizations may lead to uncertainty, fear and even anxiety about the future. Suddenly, they find themselves asking the scary question of “now what?”

If you identify in the third category, I’m here to tell you: do not worry! Half way through my sophomore year, I realized the major I had declared freshman year no longer fit with my future aspirations, so I changed my field of study. It can be a daunting decision for sure, but don’t let your worries get the better of you. Here are my 7 tips to help you through the decision process:

  • Talk with your advisor! This is a must. Your academic advisor is there to help you with any and all concerns you have about your major. If you think your major is no longer for you, tell them! He/she will be glad to help you think through your decision, and give you practical advice about what steps to take. Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions, and be honest about your doubts. They are there to assist you in these tough decisions.
  • Get in touch with a professor in the field you are thinking of switching to. Not sure who teaches what? Ask your current advisor for a list of professors to speak with. One of the benefits of attending a small college is that everyone knows everyone, and faculty are very connected. Your advisor can point you in the right direction.
  • You know you want to switch your major, and you think you know what you want to switch it to, but you’re still uncertain. Visit, and enter the major you are considering. You will find lots of helpful information there, including course descriptions and career opportunities related to the major.
  • Talk with current undergrads in the department. Know someone who’s passionate about the field you’re considering? Get in touch! Ask if you can meet them for coffee in Riverview, or invite them to the Brig for a quick chat. Getting first-hand knowledge from a current student might be helpful. Their honest perspective on their experiences in the field may be exactly what you need.
  • Sit in a class. Just like when you were a prospective student, ask a professor if you may sit in one of their classes. If you find yourself enjoying the lecture/discussion, you may be in the right place!
  • Don’t let all those credits go to waste. If you’re like me, and racked up a ton of credits in a major you don’t intend on finishing, think about incorporating them into a minor. Or, you can simply add them as electives. Your future advisor will be able to help you decide what to do.
  • Don’t stress; pray! Switching your major in college can be daunting, because we know that the decisions we make today have impact on what we do with our futures. But before anxiety takes hold, sit somewhere quiet, think through your thoughts, and give it to the Lord. Trust in his guidance, for he knows the plans he has for you.

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