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Unique Ways To Use Your Bible Degree

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Unique Ways To Use Your Bible Degree

Majoring in Biblical Studies can sometimes seem like a limiting path, but you have a lot more options than becoming a pastor. There are a lot of unique ways to use a Bible major. If you are looking for an exciting or unorthodox career, maybe one of these jobs will catch your eye.

Archaeologist: A lot of biblical research relies on the field of archaeology. Your Bible degree could set you up well for a career as an archaeologist. Geneva even has a Bible course titled “Archaeology and Geography of Israel”. Consider taking that or a similar course if you think you might have a passion for Biblical Archaeology.

Chaplain: There are many different opportunities for becoming a chaplain. There are hospital chaplains, prison chaplains, army chaplains, etc. If you enjoy providing spiritual guidance, but do not feel called to be a pastor, perhaps consider pursuing a career as a chaplain in an area that interests you. Becoming a chaplain is a great way to pursue a career that uses your Bible major, but also integrates other interests you may have.

Novelist/Writer: By earning a degree in Biblical Studies, you will have spent much time studying the Bible and other texts. Perhaps you might want to contribute your own thoughts and arguments. By using the knowledge from your major, you can enter the conversation on theological topics by becoming a writer. You are also not limited to a certain genre. You can choose to write research papers or historical fiction. You might decide to write a devotional book or a biography of a church history figure. A Bible major could prove to be very useful for successful writers.

Interpreter/Translator: If you are fluent in another language and passionate about language translation, you might want to consider being an interpreter or a translator. There are many cases where your Biblical Studies degree could be useful. You might translate worship music or Scripture passages. Maybe you would choose to work as an interpreter for the pastor of a bilingual or multilingual church. There are many ways that a Bible major can be useful if you choose to pursue a career as an interpreter or a translator.

Singer/Songwriter: If you enjoy creating music, perhaps you might consider using your Bible major as a singer or a songwriter. Writing worship music could be an incredibly fulfilling career that would be significantly improved with the Biblical knowledge you would develop from earning a B.A. in Biblical Studies.

Historian: As you study for your Biblical Studies degree you might discover a passion for history. As you study the Bible and the church, you will also be studying history. Upon graduation, you might consider using your knowledge of Biblical and church history to pursue a career as a historian.

Social Worker: Biblical Studies can lead well to a career in social work. As you explore the Bible and the many ways that Jesus and the disciples served their communities, you might develop a passion for social work. Earning a degree in Biblical Studies can encourage you to pursue a career where you can live out Christ-like service, and working as a social worker is one of the many ways that you can pursue this desire to serve your community.

Ultimately, you can approach any career with a Biblical worldview. Every career can be impacted by a Biblical approach. By earning a degree in Biblical Studies, you are not limiting your options. You are developing skills and perspectives that will serve you well in any career that you choose to pursue. If you are interested in receiving a Biblical studies degree but are also passionate about another field, then you might even consider double majoring. There are a lot of useful combinations such as Biblical Studies and Social Work or Biblical Studies and English.

Gavin Landis ’24, is pursuing a double major in Social Services and Biblical Studies.

“I want to work with immigrants in social services and I think biblical studies has really helped orient my focus towards a gospel-centered approach to helping people. If you have time, you should totally add a biblical studies major or minor because you will find yourself a lot more grounded in your knowledge of the faith that will hopefully lead to deeper connection with God.”

When it comes to a passion for theology, you do not have to choose between that and another passion. Instead, consider integrating your two passions, and creating your own unique path in the world. Many of our graduates from this department have gone on to work in business, writing, piloting, and even the gaming industry. The possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies at Geneva College, please reach out to our admissions staff. Find more information about the program and contact us HERE. You were made for this!


-Mattigan Burleigh '24