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Lessons for Leaders from Cain and Abel

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How should leaders deal with difficult situations in difficult times? What qualities are important for leaders who have to deal with things like a pandemic, social upheaval, political division, and economic uncertainty? Geneva College’s John Gallo and Jenna Bieber provide a guidebook for leaders in situations like these. Their e-book, Lessons from Cain and Abel to Guide Leaders Through Turbulent Times, walks readers through the account of Cain and Abel to teach of the importance of justice, mercy, harmony, and equality to lead to peace in the workplace and the dissolving of past hatred.

Gallo and Bieber first address the underlining hatred we see in current society, relating this to the hatred displayed by Cain and how God (our Leader) reacts toward him. Next, the authors address how God’s example in the Cain and Abel account show how leaders should respond to acts of injustice. Finally, drawing on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s letters, Gallo and Bieber look at the need for all people to seek Christ in order to gain true peace and equality.

Lessons from Cain and Abel to Guide Leaders Through Turbulent Times serves to encourage and build up leaders through interesting insights and practical principles that can be put into action. To read Gallo and Bieber’s free e-book go to https://online.geneva.edu/leadership-in-turbulent-times-lessons-from-cain-and-abel/.

- Kelsey Gerhard ‘23

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Mar 5, 2021