Mosaic Team

Welcome to Mosaic!

Mosaic helps equip students to navigate and discuss many complex issues of our day with a biblical worldview.

Modern Slavery

Mosaic explores the reality of situations that are comparable to slavery such as, sweatshops, child labor, unethical trade practices, child and sex trafficking. Mosaic seeks to create awareness and advocate for those affected by these inhumane practices.

Social Justice

Social justice for all is at the core of the mission to promote development and human dignity. “Social justice” is defined as including issues of poverty, unemployment and unfair exclusion that results in economic harm or social ostracism.


With a deeper look into the various systems that sustain life on earth, one will come away with an awareness and appreciation for the world that God has designed. 

Mosaic is a really great team...I have watched them grow into an amazing and effective group of students." Kristen Slebodnik, CSE Coordinator

What We Do

We run multiple events per year to promote awareness around many of the complex issues of the day.  Speakers, Justice week, and collaborative events in Beaver Falls to name just a few.  Come out and join us! 

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