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Geneva's Master of Arts in Higher Education is committed to contextualized learning.

We believe that classroom learning is enhanced by hands-on experience with college students and university programs. During your matriculation in our program, six hundred hours of work in the field is required. Students in our Institutes Model meet this requirement through their position at their home institution. Some of the students in our Cohort Model may be employed full or part-time by an institution in our vicinity. For the remainder of the students in our cohort model, we provide two opportunities to meet the contextualized learning requirement.

The first and most common way to satisfy the requirement is through the Graduate Assistantship (GA) program. These assistantships are normally nine-month positions requiring 20 hours a week and are generally renewable for a second year. GAs are paid a small monthly stipend and receive a one-third reduction in program tuition while they are employed as a GA.

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  • Only students who have completed applications for the MA in Higher Education Program will be considered for these positions.
  • On campus interviews will be held on March - May, 2020. For more info email
  • Students may apply for multiple positions.
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The second way to meet the requirement is through a practicum experience. This experience requires the student to complete four units of practicum (each unit lasting one semester). Each practicum is equivalent to 150 hours and the student works 10 hours a week. Practicum students do not receive a stipend, but will receive a one-third reduction in tuition. Practicums are ideal for students who do not receive an assistantship, have outside employment, or chose not to pursue an assistantship. The classroom learning is greatly enhanced by these hands-on experiences with college student or programs.

Both the assistantship and practicum programs occur in a variety of professional settings: campus ministry, career services, student activities and programming, residence life, assessment, learning support, teaching assistant, coaching, etc.