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Geneva Celebrates Pastor Rut Etheridge’s New Book “God Breathed”

Picture of Geneva Celebrates Pastor Rut Etheridge’s New Book “God Breathed”

(BEAVER FALLS, Pa.) – Crown and Covenant Publications released the new book by Geneva College Bible Professor, Pastor Rutledge “Rut” Etheridge III. The 410-page paperback “God Breathed: Connecting through Scripture to God, Others, the Natural World, and Yourself” is now available for purchase.

With “God Breathed,” Etheridge hopes to reach young adults who have had a bad experience with the Bible or Christianity in general by bringing light to the loneliness many people experience in this age of “self-made truth.” 

“The book aims to personalize God’s word in our increasingly impersonal, fragmented, lonely age,” Etheridge says. “In a culture of self-made truth, there are so many barriers between us and the Bible, and therefore between us and the God who gave us Scripture as the breathed out abundance of his own heart. My book helps readers identify and overcome those separations so they can more significantly and personally encounter God's written word and the Savior who, as the truth, fulfills its every syllable.”

“God Breathed” includes a foreword by Lacey Sturm, chart-topping hard rock solo artist, author of The Reason, and each chapter begins with lyric citations from a variety of musicians that provide, in the words of Etheridge, “a poignant window into the tremors, traumas, and triumphs of humanness.”

This book is available online at the Crown and Covenant Publications’ website, as well as at Amazon, ChristianBook and Good Reads. More about Rut Etheridge’s authorship can be found on his website:

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Sep 18, 2019