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Family Fundamentals: A Degree In Child And Family Services

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Geneva College's Professional Studies in Child and Family Services program identifies the family as the most important institution in society. This is a view that is rooted in the Bible, and lived out in contemporary culture today. Students focus on the role that the family plays in childhood development, learning how to identify dysfunctional family practices, intervene in a respectful way, and help families to improve their relationships. Graduates of this program will have the tools and experience to strengthen the family, contributing to a happier, more stable society.

Child and Family Services

Courses Covered

To receive a bachelor's degree in Child and Family Services, students must complete the following 12 courses, all available online:

  • Introduction to Human Services- Examines the history, goals, values, and methods of human services work and addresses common ethical issues.
  • Human Diversity- Explores how racial, ethnic, class, and gender inequality affect the family, as well as how human services workers can address these disparities.
  • Child and Adolescent Development- Prepares you for the many social and physical changes that children undergo during puberty and their effects on the family dynamic.
  • Family Systems in Context- Explores the role of economics, communication, marriage, conflict, and parenting in the family structure.
  • Child and Family Policy- Examines how US government policy has affected the family throughout history.
  • Professional Skills Development- Teaches students confidentiality, professionalism, values, boundaries, and other important skills.
  • Program Management and Evaluation- Covers the administrative skills necessary to run a family services program.
  • Professional Ethics- Covers all the legal and ethical issues that arise when providing family services.
  • Foundations of Christian Thought- Teaches students how to let the Biblical worldview inform their lives and actions.
  • Humanities- Teaches students to discern truth and falsehood within the Humanities and their many cultural messages.
  • Career and Professional Development- Encourages students to reflect on what they have learned. Students assemble records of their accomplishments, which will help them advance in their careers.
  • Research and Resources- Students learn how to perform professional research, compare different theories and perspectives, and contribute to knowledge in their field.

Much of the program involves observing and talking to child and family services professionals, allowing you to understand the day-to-day requirements of their jobs. You will thus graduate not only with strong research skills and academic knowledge, but also with the practical skills necessary to begin work immediately.

Career Choices

Completing the Child and Family Services Program provides a strong foundation for a wide range of careers, including:

  • Family Service Management- This involves working with families and community members to identify, provide, and improve needed services.
  • Childcare Center Administration- This involves hiring, training, and supervising childcare workers and teachers, communicating between parents and your staff, making budgets, and resolving children's conflicts.
  • Children's Librarian- Your job will be to choose children's books, administer literacy programs, supervise library patrons, and resolve any disputes over the books you've chosen.

Your focus on child and family services can open the door to a promising career and a chance to make a difference in the world. To learn more about starting this path, contact Geneva College today.



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Oct 13, 2015