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8 Exciting Career Options for Communication Design Majors

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Communication design is a growing field that is gaining interest in the modern tech-savvy world. Today, companies need people with an eye for art and design who also know how to use that skill to communicate meaning. This is exactly what communication design studies. Should you consider a major in communication design? Is it a good major? As you consider whether or not to pursue a communication design major, take a closer look at career paths available with this degree.

What Does a Communication Design Major Study?

Communication design combines the theory and applications of communication with the concepts and insights of design. These students study art techniques and communication techniques to help them learn how to communicate through visuals, experiences and spaces, as well as words.

Career Opportunities for Communication Design Majors

Studying communication design gives you many career options in both design and communications fields. Whether you have a passion for tech or simply want to put your design abilities to good use in communicating with others, here are some fields where you could find employment.

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers must be able to use both design skills and communication skills to get a message across to their audience. Though many will major in graphic design, a degree in communication design can also open the door to a graphic design career. Often, the minimum education level required for this field is a bachelor’s degree.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for graphic designers is $52,110. Those in the top 10% of the field earn over $89,000 a year.

  1. Multimedia Artist

The world of art is changing. Not only are artists creating with paint and pencils, but they are developing art and design with the mouse and keyboard. A degree in communications design can position you for a career as an artist working with multiple forms of media. These artists create the visual effects that show up in media and entertainment venues.

Multimedia artists are in demand and are paid well for their skills. The BLS estimates $75,270 a year as the average salary for this field. 

  1. Animator

An animator is a specialized type of multimedia artist that designs and creates animations. With video becoming the go-to type of communication, the need for animators will continue to grow in the coming years.

The BLS lumps animators with multimedia artists, which means their salary also averages $75,270. One perk of working in this field is the fact that over half of all animators are self-employed, which means you have the freedom to choose your own rates, hours, and clients.

  1. Art Director

Art directors help lay out the look of printed and online products and media productions. They focus on creating a visual style that flows from one image and page to the next. They work for magazines, product packaging companies, movie and television producers, and newspapers. They need to have good eye for design and also an understanding of how design communicates to people reading or viewing the media.

Though there is not a growing demand for art directors, this is a highly paid position. The BLS estimates the average salary for art directors to be $94,220 a year. All that is required is a bachelor's degree, and communication design is a good starting point.

  1. Web Designer

Websites are designed to communicate, and web designers must understand both design and communication. This makes a communications design degree a good option for this field. The web is continuing to grow in importance in modern society, and thus this is a high-demand field.

It's also a field with good earning potential. The BLS estimates that web designers earn an average of $73,760 a year. Growth potential, at 8%, is much higher than average. By 2029, the BLS expects to see 14,000 web design degrees added to the marketplace. These professionals are often self-employed or freelance professionals, which adds flexibility to the career path.

  1. Special Effects Artist

A special effects artist designs the special effects that make motion pictures and television shows so believable. This job combines an understanding of computer graphics and animation with an understanding of communication through television and film.

The BLS estimates that the field will grow by 4% by 2029. The average salary for those that work in the motion picture and video industries is $86,270.

  1. Advertising Manager

The combination of communications and design training that comes with a communications design degree can open the door to leadership roles in advertising. Advertising professionals need to know how to use design to draw attention to products and advertisements to promote their client's interests. Though advertising mangers may need additional training in business, this can be a profitable field to pursue.

It's also a high-pay field. The average pay for this career path is $135,900 a year, and it is expected to see 18,800 jobs added over the next decade.

  1. Game Designer

Game designers help design video games and entertainment apps using the principles of design and communication. Game designers will also need some software training, but a degree in communication design is a good starting point.

The BLS does not have an estimated salary for this degree, but according to Glassdoor, the average is $58,627 a year. Game designers may work directly for a software company or they may work on a freelance or independent-contractor basis.

Start Your Career with a Degree in Communication Design

There are many other career opportunities available with a degree in communication design.  If these opportunities are of interest to you, then it's time to find the right communication design major. Geneva College offers a communication design degree with a Christian focus. Here, you can earn a background in both design theory and communication theory while studying with like-minded individuals and faculty who have a Christian framework to what they offer.

For more information about a communication design degree at Geneva College, reach out to our admissions team today.

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Apr 26, 2021