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Program Spotlight: Is Marketing for You?

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If you desire a fast-paced, exciting profession in traditional or digital media, marketing may be your best option. A diverse field bursting with opportunity, marketing encompasses not only business, but also intriguing subjects such as economics, consumer psychology and more. Read on to learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Marketing program at Geneva — and why it's an excellent option for ambitious, well-rounded students.

Marketing Program Outcomes

Geneva's Bachelor of Science in Marketing program blends several critical areas of focus, including business, public relations and, of course, marketing. Students explore both the creative and technical sides of marketing in hopes of emerging with a broad range of critical skills. Courses are divided into a business core of 42 hours and a marketing core of 27 hours. The degree program ends with a capstone known as Strategic Marketing. Upon graduating students should be equipped to handle a diverse array of demands in a rapidly evolving industry.

Career Opportunities for Marketing Majors

A marketing major not only helps you succeed in high-level marketing positions — it helps you market yourself as an innovative employee. Marketing positions vary widely in terms of industry, scope and pay — there truly is something for everyone. The following are among the best opportunities for marketing graduates:

Market Research Analyst

A variety of industries rely on market research analysts to determine how particular products or services will perform. Analysts devise effective methods for capturing much-needed data on consumer preferences. Depending on the situation, analysts may rely on questionnaires, surveys, opinion polls or focus groups. The goal is to determine more than just which products consumers like, but whether they're willing to invest in them — and at what price. The data they collect is ultimately converted into easy-to-understand reports and presented to either clients or management. Analysts interpret these reports based on forecasted sales trends to shed light on data.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median pay for a market research analyst reached $63,230 per year in 2017. With a job outlook of 23 percent growth (well above average across all professions), this is one of the best opportunities for marketing graduates intent on finding work quickly.

Public Relations Specialists

Closely associated with marketing, public relations involves curating a favorable impression of a given organization. Rather than advertising a specific product or promotion, public relations specialists focus on a company's overarching goals and brand. A successful PR team will convey an organization's values to the public, ensuring that the average individual is not only aware of the company, but also knows what it stands for and how it interacts with consumers.

To promote a positive public image, PR specialists work closely with both traditional and social media. Their efforts may involve drafting press releases, responding to information requests from media outlets, and evaluating public opinion via social media and other resources. Rather than purchase ad space, PR specialists seek coverage in the media or online.

PR is not growing quite as fast — nor is it quite as lucrative — as market research. Still, it remains an excellent career path for marketing graduates with a knack for navigating both traditional media outlets and social media initiatives. The BLS indicates a job outlook of nine percent and a median annual salary of $59,300.

Social Media Specialist

In an Instagram era, companies increasingly rely on social media to get the word out about new products or services. Social media specialists keep up with digital marketing trends and manage platforms such as Facebook and Twitter closely to build close relationships with online followers.

The BLS groups social media specialists with PR specialists in terms of job outlook and pay. Geographic location and company size can be huge factors in determining pay. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, however, their skills are likely to remain in high demand.

Marketing Managers

A steady climb up the career ladder may ultimately lead to a lucrative position in marketing or advertising management. While this occupation is currently only experiencing growth that is slightly faster than average, it remains in high demand among employers, who require greater innovation in an age of viral social media marketing.

Marketing managers serve as the vision behind many of the profession's most impressive campaigns. They work closely with sales agents, financial teams and art directors to bring promotional campaigns to life. This job encompasses a variety of duties and may look radically different depending on the employer. The following job duties are particularly common:

  • Determine which media formats (such as television, radio, print, email or social media) to utilize
  • Discuss budgets and contracts with various department heads
  • Launch market research studies and interpret their findings
  • Develop pricing strategies
  • Work closely with clients to provide marketing feedback

The BLS reports a median annual income of $129,380 for marketing and advertising managers. The pay can be impressive, but many earn it by working long hours. In 2016, the one-third of marketing managers worked over 40 hours per week.

These are just a few of the many jobs open to marketing graduates. Ultimately, the skills and knowledge gained through a marketing education are highly transferable, making it possible for graduates to pursue a vast array of careers.

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Aug 30, 2018